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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Advanced driver assistance systems, often referred to as ADAS, refers to all of the items in your vehicle that are meant to help keep you safe while you are in the vehicle. These items can help you to become more aware of the road and to avoid hazards at all costs.

Smart Cars

Cars that have ADAS are often referred to as intelligent vehicles. They are called such because they are designed to get a good grasp on the surrounding environment of the vehicle and passengers within it, and goes beyond simply checking power steering fluid and oil. This information is gathered through a variety of sensors as well as other data programs that offer drivers help with navigating the roads. A lot of these features will allow the drivers a warning for their behavior and some will correct this behavior automatically. Some of the most popular ADAS vehicles are those that have a GPS, an AFS, collision avoidance systems, as well as 3D dash visualization.

All of these are pretty smart features, with the most popular being a GPS system that will provide directions and navigation tips for destinations you want to visit and routes that you want to take. An advanced front light system will help you to increase your visibility when you are out on the road and held you to adhere to the curves of the road better. This can make driving on long, winding roads a breeze and can help you avoid accidents while on these dangerous roads. 3D in-dash visualization takes GPS to the nest possible level. It helps to display both the terrain and elevation data in a format that most people can understand. With this feature, you can see a rendering of the road as well as the terrain around it. Such assistance is designed to help drivers be more conscious of exactly what else is out there.

Avoiding Collisions

Collision avoidance systems are really great tools for drivers, and they help to make sure that they do not get into accidents often. These systems operate simply by using a variety of sensors to detect hazards in the area of your vehicle. The sensors will provide you with a warming if you are driving too close to the surrounding cars, if you are dangerously close to running off of the road, or if there is a road situation which requires you to make a sudden stop. In each of these cases, having some advanced warning before these incidents happened has probably saved a number of lives.

Benefits and Drawbacks

A lot of people think that ADAS systems are not worth having on their vehicles. Many people believe this because some of these systems take up space and others simply make a lot of noise. While these noises can be a bit annoying, there is really not an alternative that can provide you with the same conveniences that could save lives. While these systems may be a bit noisy, they should be paid attention to at all times. Otherwise, we run the risk of being involved in a bad accident, and it will be shameful to know that it could have been prevented all along with ADAS.

ADAS are convenient and can help you to become a better driver. If you are do have some of these advanced driver assistance systems in your car now, then you need to work on getting them installed or purchasing a new car that already has these wonderful features. With real-time warnings while you are driving, you are bound to do the right thing on the road.


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