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Advanced SUV Safety Features

Advanced SUV safety features make it safer for drivers and their passengers to venture out onto the road in sport utility vehicles using collision prevention technology. SUVs have long been maligned for their inclination to roll over and for other safety shortcomings, but newer and safer vehicles in this class are doing a better job of keeping passengers safe and preventing accidents and injuries. These features do not come standard on all vehicles in this category so it is important for shoppers to look for them and to pay attention when looking to buy an SUV. Consider non-owner vehicle insurance to also further protect your investment. Here are some of the best features to look for on your next sport utility vehicle.

Electronic Stability Control

This feature makes it possible for the vehicle itself (or a computer mechanism) to automatically apply brake pressure in order to help the auto avoid going sideways, which in turn reduces the chance of rollover accidents. Slowing acceleration and applying the ABS brakes in these situations helps keep the SUV under control and stabilizes its direction, keeping it on the road and upright. This feature also comes in handy during emergency swerving to avoid animals or other cars on the road. This is soon to be a standard feature across the industry on four wheel driver SUVs.

Rear Backup Alerts

This feature warns the driver when the rear bumper is getting close to an object behind it. Audio and visual signals are both used to get the driver's attention in these cases. The problem with this feature is that in most cases it cannot reliably detect the presence of a small child or animal that is not visible from the cab. Some models account for this and add a camera that shoots at a wide angle to capture what's going on behind the SUV. This is not a standard feature for all SUVs but it is an important one to look at.

Advanced Front Airbags

These specially designed airbags respond to the passenger or driver in the seat. They take in information about the size of the occupant, the position of the front seats and even the severity of the crash to respond with appropriate force. This feature is great especially in the way it protects young children who may be riding in the front in the course of an accident. Features like these can also help reduce the car insurance premium you might pay for an SUV.

Side impact and side curtain airbags are just as important for side impact accidents. Side impact airbags protect the torso of a passenger during side impact accidents. Usually these are only installed in the front because of the prevalence of child safety seats in the back of SUVs. Some manufacturers do include this as a back seat option, though. Side curtain airbags run the whole length of the SUV and provide protection for passengers' heads and also prevent ejection from the vehicle.

Antilock Braking Systems (ABS)

ABS prevents wheels from locking up while the brake is being applied. Usually these are activated during a panic brake or a complete stop, but they also could be engaged during light braking to prevent sliding and to help maintain control of the SUV. Keeping control in all situations is the primary purpose of this safety feature.

With some of the SUV safety features that are available today, these vehicles are safer than ever before. There are some features to help avoid accidents, and others that help you get through accidents that do happen and keep you in one piece. Sport utility vehicles are getting safer for drivers and passengers all the time.


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