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Advantages of Non Owners Car Insurance

Non owners car insurance is a great option for many different groups of drivers. Quite a few policy holders who stand to benefit the most from this option do not even realize non owners coverage exists. Yet it is a great way to protect yourself or other drivers on your policy. Non owners auto coverage comes in handy in a variety of circumstances. For both personal and commercial policies, there are certain situations in which it makes a lot of sense to add this special coverage. Learn more about non owned coverage and find out how it can benefit you as a driver and auto insurance policy holder.

Smart Endorsement for Commercial Policies

Non owned car insurance is a great addition to commercial auto insurance policies in many different circumstances. For business people who do a lot of traveling out of state, it is smart to add this endorsement to your commercial policy. A frequent business traveler who makes use of rental cars while out of town can get a lot of use from a non owned policy. If you use this coverage even once a month or so, it works out to be cheaper over the course of a year than opting for the rental insurance offered by rental car companies. This savings can add up even more for travelers who rent multiple times each month. If you need to rent cars from time to time, look into the price of adding non owners to your existing policy and figure out if it could save you money.

Another area in which this type of endorsement can come in handy for businesses is with commercial use of employee vehicles. If you need your workers to use their cars for work related activities, there is a strong possibility that their personal auto policies will not cover them if they get into an accident while on the job. The designation difference between commercial and personal coverage has more to do with the use of a car or truck than with the style of vehicle or any other factor. Thus, even a small car needs commercial coverage when it is being used for certain work related purposes.

If your people use their cars for work from time to time, you can cover them with non owned commercial insurance on their cars. It is a lot cheaper than buying company vehicles for all of your drivers, but it still covers them insurance wise so they will not be in trouble with their providers if anything should happen while they are on the road representing your company. Don't make the mistake of neglecting an important detail like this one in the name of cost savings. In most cases non owners commercial insurance is a cheap addition to an overall policy, and it can save you and your people a lot of money and a lot of hassle in the long run.

Non Owned Applications for Individuals

Individual drivers can benefit just as much in certain situations from non owned automobile insurance as can businesses. You can get a non owned personal policy or add non owned coverage to an existing policy to give you protection as a driver. Certain drivers who are working to regain full licensure are required to carry vehicle insurance for the entire length of their SR 22 agreement even if they do not own a car. For these drivers, a non owned policy is the cheapest way to meet your obligations and stay on track to getting your full privileges back.

For individuals who do not own a car but who have to borrow cars from time to time, non owners plans are a great fit. An example might be a college student who lives on campus and goes to school year round, but still visits friends and family from time to time. Having a policy of your own takes the pressure off of anyone you borrow a car from because any damage will be covered by your policy and no claim even needs to be opened on the policy held by the auto owner. This saves that individual from needing to worry about increased rates or trouble getting a claim approved. At the same time, it helps you as a driver to have some flexibility even while you do not own a car. You can borrow as needed or even rent and you already have a policy in place.

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There are many different individuals and groups who can greatly gain from adding a non owners car insurance policy. These plans give you important coverage for a low price. Make sure you are legally insured and fully protected when you drive with a versatile non owners car insurance policy.


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