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Affordable Auto Insurance

Affordable auto insurance is a possibility for almost anyone. Unless you have serious offenses like a DUI in your driving history or have received more than your fair share of traffic tickets, finding quality auto coverage at a good price should not be too difficult.

The process of finding affordable car insurance can be overwhelming, though, particularly when you consider how many companies are out there and the different policies and packages they offer. The process is much more manageable when you know which factors about you, your driving, and your vehicle affect your auto insurance rates, and how you can influence these to make those rates more affordable.

Factors About Your Vehicle

There are several things about your vehicle that can influence the premiums you'll pay for your automobile coverage. Cars with the most affordable auto insurance rates are usually not brand new, nor are they luxury vehicles. They are also not high on the list of cars likely to be stolen in your area.

Driving a safe car can also earn you more affordable automobile insurance rates. Some insurance companies determine how safe your car is by its safety rating, particularly if it is a newer vehicle. Other companies will check to see if you car has certain safety features. Among these are anti-lock brakes, particularly if you live in a place where rain and snow are common. Airbags may also earn you more affordable rates on your insurance.

Finally, any anti-theft features on your vehicle may qualify you for more affordable auto insurance rates. Different car coverage companies will offer this discount for different features, but commonly discounted ones include a LoJack system, a car alarm, or even the regular use of a club. Sometimes, you may even decide to install one of these features to qualify for the discount, but make sure your investment will pay off before you do so.

Factors About Your Driving

One of the most important factors in determining your auto insurance rates is your past driving history. When a company looks into this, they consider not only how many accidents you have caused, but your overall driving record including traffic tickets and other claims made against your coverage. Even if you did not cause an auto accident, then, you can be penalized for having made claims that your company had to pay out on.

Many companies will make your coverage increasingly affordable the longer your record is clear. Thus, it may be in your best interests, at least when it comes to affordable vehicle insurance, to not make claims unless you absolutely have to. While paying for damages out of pocket may cost you more, you might be able to recoup those losses in savings on your premiums later - even for shorter term policies like 3 month car insurance.

Factors About You

The last category of factors likely to help you get affordable auto insurance are factors about you. Some of these are demographic factors that you can't do anything about, but some of them are things you can influence to help you get lower car insurance rates.

Men will have a harder time getting cheap coverage than women will, because their naturally higher levels of aggression cause them to get into more car accidents. Similarly, younger drivers will pay more for their auto coverage than older ones, because their inexperience and sense of being invulnerable often means they cause more accidents, too. Finally, unmarried people will have more expensive coverage than married ones, because married people tend to be more responsible and grounded.

The job you have can also help you get more affordable auto insurance. People in some jobs are statistically proven to have fewer accidents, and so have more affordable coverage. In particular, engineers and those with similar desk jobs tend to have more affordable rates. On the other hand, you will pay more if you have a job that is dangerous. Your willingness to take risks in your job transfers to a willingness to take risks on the road.

Something similar is true of your hobbies. If you enjoy, for instance, skydiving on the weekends, you will probably pay more for your automobile coverage. Choosing dangerous hobbies indicates a high risk tolerance, which in turn means that you are more likely to cause or get into accidents on the road. Though this willingness to take risks may not transfer for you, the companies pay more attention to statistics than to individual experiences.

The factors discussed here are some of the ones most likely to earn you more affordable auto insurance, but they are by no means the only ones out there. For more details, talk to your particular auto insurance company. Let them know that you're specifically trying to find a policy that is more affordable, and see what they can offer you.


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