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Affordable Car Insurance for Women

Generally speaking, the rates drivers pay for auto insurance are related in one way or another to how they fit into certain historical demographics; in today's world, this rule is especially pertinent to the pursuit of affordable car insurance for women. Female drivers, like their male counterparts, make up a substantive demographic of their own when it comes to auto insurance statistics throughout the years. The prices women pay for coverage are in many ways related to the ways they fit into this demographic and the ways their own driving habits compare with those of women in year gone by.

It is a well-advertised fact that women enjoy certain pricing advantages over men when it comes to auto insurance coverage. Maybe not so well known are the reasons for this disparity, as well as some useful strategies for women to take full advantage of this demographic status to save money on their individual rates of coverage.

Why Females Pay Lower Rates

Men are often heard to lament that they pay more for their auto insurance just because of their gender. This seemingly indisputable fact is the subject of much discussion and more than a little misunderstanding; but not very many people have a solid basis for knowing why women historically pay less, and how today's female drivers are doing relative to women throughout the history of the automobile in terms of their insurance rates.

Auto insurance policy pricing is the inexorable result of statistical analysis. Auto insurance carriers take into account as much data as they possibly can in their never-ending study of risk and pricing, and the correlation between the two in a car insurance policy. As it pertains to women in particular, the average price of a car insurance policy is based on a number of factors that mostly sway in women's favor.

For example, the number of miles a driver puts on a car each year is a consideration in determining auto insurance rates. The more you drive, the more opportunities you encounter for accidents and other claims. Historically speaking, women have always tended to drive less often and to put fewer miles on cars than men. Most of the reason behind this is that women are not as likely to be in the work force. A stay-at-home parent or homemaker on average has less need to drive great distances each day than someone leaving the home to earn a living. Of course, in the name of objectivity it must be pointed out that women have been entering the work force in record numbers, with increases recorded virtually every year. In recent years during the current economic slowdown, females have been supplanted by males as homemakers in certain situations out of sheer necessity rather than by choice. Clearly, this advantage as it pertains to auto insurance is disappearing and will surely be completely gone before long.

Still, women have many other advantages working in their favor when it comes to auto insurance rates. They are statistically less prone to accidents than men, because they tend to exhibit safer driving behaviors that are less likely to result in their involvement in collisions. For example, women tend to speed less, drive less aggressively and display predatory behavior behind the wheel at much lower rates than men. Due to their tendency to obey the rules of the road with greater frequency, they are also less likely than men to be cited for moving violations when they drive. These and other factors demonstrated over the span of the historical record all combine to put women in a position to qualify for lower auto insurance rates than men of similar backgrounds, ages and driving records.

Not All Women Get Discounts

However, not all women get discounts when they apply for auto insurance coverage simply because of their gender, because there is no such thing as a standard female driver discount. It is true that in many cases women under the age of 25 pay less of a surcharge for youth than do young men, but this can hardly be called a discount when these young women are still paying a surcharge for their lack of experience. Women who have poor driving records or other issues on their auto insurance profiles do not get a free pass just because of their gender. The concept of affordable auto insurance for women is only based on statistical averages and bears no implicit guarantee of savings.

This is an important fact to keep in mind, especially if you are a single woman or are the primary driver on your policy. When you go shopping around for auto insurance coverage, it is likely you will run into marketing directly aimed at you just because of your gender. Some insurance companies purport to specialize in taking care of female drivers. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this concept, you have to be aware that just because a provider makes a claim for savings, doesn't mean that claims bears any real truth.

Still, you are operating from a position of relative leverage if you are a female driver with a good driving record and a solid credit history. You need to be aware of this when you seek out auto coverage for you and your family-and do not be afraid of letting providers know that you are aware of this, either. In today's competitive auto insurance market, if you have any kind of leverage as a consumer, you need to know how to utilize it to extract a better value on your coverage.

Save Money by Comparison Shopping

Make sure you emphasize all your strengths as a car insurance consumer by shopping around for coverage and working to locate a provider who wants to work with you and is willing to do what it takes to earn your business. Whether female or male, we all represent commodities in the auto insurance market. We cannot escape the fact that we need these companies because we have to have auto insurance to legally drive our cars. But it is equally true that car insurance companies need to in order to survive. Your business is critical to them, and any company that does not demonstrate an eagerness to win your business is not worthy of your auto insurance premium dollar. Do not let yourself believe otherwise.

To maximize the advantages you have as a female consumer in the auto insurance market, take the time to first assess your unique insurance needs and desires. Find out what modes of coverage you absolutely need to have. Then prioritize among any remaining options you may be interested in. Get online and contact the various qualified car insurance providers in your home state and let them work to win you over as a customer. Bear in mind that the experience you have in the quote solicitation process will likely mirror the customer service experience you'll have when you end up choosing a company. Keep a company's attention and responsiveness in mind during the process as well as the financial figures you get back in the various policy quotes. Affordable car insurance for women is a realistic goal to achieve.



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