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Affordable Student Car Insurance

Affordable student car insurance is an elusive goal for many young people. Auto policies are dear enough in general, but for young students and drivers under the age of 25, the costs are even higher. Finding affordable coverage for unmarried students in this age group presents a serious challenge. Even those of us who have a perfect driving record have it tough, because these high rates are based on demographic surcharges tied to historical data. Drivers under the age of 25 are the likeliest of all to get into an accident or file a claim, and the average costs of claims for student drivers are higher than those of older drivers.

Auto Insurance Youth Surcharges

Many young drivers feel like they are getting a raw deal when it comes to the rates they pay for auto insurance. There is some logic to this feeling; after all, the second they set foot behind the wheel of a car they are already paying a significant age based auto insurance youth surcharge. This surcharge is simply based on age, and there is nothing any driver can do to combat it other than get older. Because all of us younger motorists are facing an uphill climb right from the very beginning, it is essential to find as many ways as possible to cut costs and make the overall cost of coverage more palatable.

High school students are usually the ones who pay the highest rates of all for insurance, because statistics demonstrate over and over again that motorists with less than a year of experience behind the wheel are more likely to get into a car crash than anyone else. Teens still living with their parents have multiple ways to deal with the high cost of their policies, but in most cases it is cheapest to simply get added to their parents' policies. There are other options to look into, of course, and it is smart t go ahead and look into getting teens their own policies as well. Removing them from their parents policies may save enough money on those plans to make up for the cost of the individual teen policies.

But as mentioned above, the likeliest scenario for the most savings is to add teens to their parents' policies. Families can speak to their insurers about whether it is more economical to list teens on existing vehicles or to get them their own cheap cars and list them as the primary operators on those vehicles.

Save on Student Auto Policies

It is difficult to find affordable student car insurance coverage, but it is not impossible. There are certain strategies that make the costs easier to handle, and other things we can do as well as young drivers to get the best value from our auto insurance plans.

Obviously maintaining a safe driving record is a key. Doing so can start saving a young driver money even at the first policy renewal in some cases. Demonstrating that you are a good risk to insure helps counteract that youth surcharge even as you head toward the magical age of 25.

College students can save money in a number of ways. For example, if you live on campus and do not have a car at school, you can save a great deal on your policy. Good student discounts in both college and high school save young motorists on their premiums if they are enrolled full time in school and maintain adequate minimum grades, usually the equivalent of a B average in most cases.

Of course, drivers in this age category are also perfectly capable of costing themselves even more money on their insurance premiums. At fault accidents can lead to higher rates and in some cases even one single accident to someone in this demographic can lead to nonrenewal. Being non renewed by an auto insurer will result in even higher rates for the driver with whatever policy they end up with. Being classified as high risk as it is, it is imperative for a young driver to stay accident and claims free.

Cheaper Rates for Student Drivers

Keep your rates low as a student driver by doing everything you can to counteract the tendency of the insurance companies to classify you as a high risk driver. Stay safe on the roads, obey traffic laws, drive defensively and work with your insurer to come up with ways to keep your premiums reasonable.

Find affordable student car insurance premiums by getting online and searching for coverage among different providers. The price of auto insurance policies can significantly vary among companies, so it is wise to put together several different price quotes even if your parents have worked with a single auto insurer for many years. Students can save on car insurance.


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