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Affordable Car Insurance

If you have car insurance, it’s very likely you’re paying too much for your policy and need more affordable car insurance And it’s just as likely that you could qualify for a better rate with just a little time and effort spent researching affordable car insurance.

Car insurance rates are based on a number of factors, some of which you can’t change, including age and gender. But there are many factors over which you do have control, and these are the areas where a few minutes of research can reap big financial rewards - like finding more affordable car insurance.

When you’re searching for affordable car insurance, the following tips can help ensure you get the coverage you need at the lowest possible price.

1. To get affordable car insurance, keep a clean driver’s record. Moving violations, like speeding tickets, as well as at-fault accidents are major impediments to getting and maintaining affordable car insurance. It may seem obvious, but to qualify for the best rates, it’s essential to obey all traffic laws, and to avoid speeding tickets, the number one cause for auto insurance rate hikes that make less affordable car insurance.

2. Keep a clean credit report, to get affordable car insurance. Believe it or not, those missed credit card payments can result in more than costly late fees and potential credit card rate hikes. More and more auto insurers are turning to a driver’s credit score to determine whether or not a driver is a good risk, with the most affordable car insurance available to drivers with the best credit scores. Using credit ratings as a determinant for the best auto insurance rates has stirred some controversy, but unless legislation is passed disallowing the practice, it’s a good idea to err on the side of safety and keep your credit record as clean as possible. In the U.S., every consumer is entitled to a free credit report from each of the three major credit reporting agencies every 12 months. Get your report, check for any errors, and be sure to clear them up as soon as possible. This little extra work could get you more affordable car insurance.

3. Buy your coverage where you buy your homeowner’s or renter’s coverage. Most major companies will offer you a discount – often substantial – when you buy multiple products from the same company. If you have affordable car insurance with one company and homeowner’s or renter’s insurance at another, ask if either one offers a discount for switching.

4. Are you a student? Then hit the books - it could give you more affordable car insurance. In the minds of insurers, students with good grades pose less risk than those who don’t make the dean’s list. If you’re a college student, or if you have a teen or college driver on your policy, make sure they keep their grades up to get any school-related discounts.

5. Take a driver safety course to keep you safer and to get more affordable car insurance. Some companies will offer discounts when a defensive driving course is successfully completed by the primary driver and you could get more affordable car insurance. Even if your insurer does not offer a discount, safe driver classes can decrease any points you may have on your driver’s license, which in turn can result in more affordable car insurance.

6. Inquire about discounts for group memberships. Motorist clubs, vocational clubs, professional societies, your employer – these are all potential sources for group discounts and cheaper auto insurance.

7. Reconsider your vehicle purchase. The search for affordable car insurance should begin when you select your next vehicle. That SUV or sports car may be your dream car, but to an automobile company, it’s an increased theft risk and a costly vehicle to repair in case of accident. There are websites that can provide you with average rate costs for every vehicle on the market and affordable car insurance. When you’re looking for your next car or truck, take some time to surf the web and consider any increased costs you may incur as a result of your choice of vehicle. Some “sports” models can cost twice as much to insure as “family” models. Also look for models with high safety ratings. Vehicles that are noted for low injury potential result in savings in your premium.

8. Shop around to find more affordable car insurance. Gone are the days of dialing the phone until your forefinger was sore. Today, is devoted to giving you a wide range of quotes from several competing insurers, helping you compare rates and coverage levels from a variety of sources with a single click of the mouse.

9. Raise your deductible to get more affordable car insurance. Higher deductibles can yield overall savings in your premium, but don’t raise them so much that it would be difficult for you to pay the deductible in case of an accident. If you do choose this route, it’s a good diea to keep the amount of the deductible in a separate savings account so it’s always available.

10. Reassess your coverage options to find more affordable car insurance. Every state has its own requirements for injury and liability. You must meet minimum coverage to legally operate your car or truck. Although it may seem tempting to buy only the minimum coverage required by law, if you have substantial assets like a home or other investments, it’s a wise idea to buy additional coverage for your own financial protection. In addition, if you have an older car you may want to consider dropping collision coverage. For an older vehicle over time, the cost of collision coverage can exceed the amount you would receive if the car were totaled. You can also consider dropping collision coverage once your car loan is paid off; but to make sure it’s a wise decision, be sure to check with your insurer to determine the replacement value of your car.

11. Drop coverage for extras to get more affordable car insurance. Towing and car rental are great options to have, but they are options that can add to your bottom line. Drop them for additional savings to get more affordable car insurance.

12. Ask about often unpublicized discounts for safety features like antilock brakes and anti-theft options, including car alarms and windshield etching. This simple question could get you more affordable car insurance.

It may take a little time and effort to wade through all of these tips to get the most affordable car insurance. But in the end, an hour or so spent in research can result in savings of hundreds and even thousands of dollars over the life of your vehicle.


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