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Insurance Issues with Aftermarket Car Additions

Aftermarket additions to your vehicle could have some profound impacts on your insurance coverage. Although a lot of people install aftermarket car parts to their vehicles to enhance performance, many of these parts are frowned up by the insurance companies. As such, they generally go after drivers with these attributes, even if they are doing nothing to break the law. While many people do not think it is a fair to charge increased rates to those with these additions, the fact remains that these people will likely pay more for coverage. Get some knowledge about how aftermarket car additions can affect your insurance premiums.

What Causes Increases

A lot of aftermarket car parts will cause an increase in the car insurance policies of those drivers who choose to install them on their new SUVs, vans and cars. The most common aftermarket parts that get replaced are wheels, suspension, interior, and the engine. Although there are other aspects, such as body work, these are the types of things that drivers tend to want to change. Any change in any of these categories can actually affect your insurance rates.

For example, if you upgrade your wheels to something more expensive, such as alloy, then these increases become even more popular and ridiculous. Also, if you lower or jack your car up for any reason, then it’s likely that you are going to see a rise in the prices you pay. If you do anything to your car’s engine, this will automatically make you suspect, and will definitely have an impact on your car insurance rates.

Given all of the evidence, it’s a good idea not to add aftermarket parts to vehicles if you can help doing so. There is no reason to pay extra money for some afterthought that you had after you purchased the vehicle. If you do want to make some of these modifications to the vehicle that you drive, then you need to speak with an insurance agent before you do so. He or she can tell you exactly what adding these different parts to your vehicle is likely to cause. Take some friendly advice and only add aftermarket car parts if you really need to.

Good Features

A lot of times, drivers will add aftermarket accessories to their vehicles that do not seem very harmful. In fact, some of these accessories can be quite good. When you add increased or enhanced security features to your vehicle, this can actually have a positive effect on your insurance rates. If you install car alarms to your vehicle, engine immobilizers, or another sort of tracking system, then this is likely to make you car safer. With all of these safety features, it will be less likely to be stolen. So, as you can see, not all aftermarket car parts are frowned upon. However, you should be very careful when adding these types of parts because it means that you are going to alter your car from its original state. You don’t really know what could happen, but it is an incredible risk for you to take if you are trying to stick to a budget.

If you do have a vehicle with aftermarket car parts, then you really need to sit down and consider how much that is costing you. If you can get rid of some of these parts, then you will probably be a lot better off. You can look forward to much lower rates, and you may even be able to look forward to increased safety in your vehicle.


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