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Resale Value of Cars with Aftermarket Parts

If you have a car with aftermarket parts installed on it, then the chances are that you spent a lot of money on customizing the vehicle to your exact standards. Due to this level of customization, it may be difficult for you to sell the car when the time comes. Additionally, even though you put a lot more money into the car, doesn’t mean that you are going to get that much out of it. In fact, you might end up losing money on used cars with aftermarket parts, simply because there is no one who wants to buy something with that level of customization.

What is the Value?

It can be really difficult to determine the resale value of cars that have aftermarket parts attached to them. There is really no way of knowing which features are going to work for you and which features are going to count against you. This will all depend on who is buying your vehicle, and people’s opinions will vary widely from place to place. A lot of people who customize cars using aftermarket parts such as stow and go seating think that they are entitled to a lot of money for the vehicle that they have created. Unfortunately, this is almost never the case. A lot of people do actually sell the cars that they have equipped, but many do it for a lot less than they originally paid for the vehicle. As such, they do not usually recoup the costs that the lost by putting the aftermarket parts into the car originally.

If you want to get some idea of what your car is worth, you can consult the Blue Books to see what its value is, minus all the customization is worth. That can give you a general idea of what it would be worth without all of the things attached to it. I would not, after having done some research, hope to get any more than the car was worth minus the aftermarket parts. However, these very parts may be dragging the value of the item down. If you want to know what the resale value of your item is, then it’s very likely that you are going to have to sell it in order to find out the true value.

Finding Ways to Sell

If you want to get rid of your car with aftermarket parts, you may be able to go into a dealership and negotiate a deal. However, car salesmen can be tricky, and they may not want to give you enough money for your vehicle or any money for it at all. In that event, it would be time to explore other avenues of selling things. You may want to try some online message boards or other websites that allow users to sell property such as cars. If you take the trouble to set up an advertisement online, then you will have a good chance of actually selling the car and making you some money. There are a lot of different users out there on the internet who are just waiting to buy.

Online, you may be able to find someone who has the same taste as you, and you may actually sell your car with aftermarket parts for more than the typoical aftermarket car resale value. However, not all online sales can be so lucky as that and get the exact desired results. You also need to be prepared to go and park it on the corner to see if a teenager or someone else from your neighborhood might want to buy it in the future.


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