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Ames Car Insurance

Ames car insurance is a valuable asset protecting drivers in the largest city in Story County in the heart of Iowa. Drivers in Ames, of course, have to carry at least a basic liability car insurance policy in keeping with Iowa state law. But that is only one reason for a local driver to purchase coverage, and hardly the best reason. Local drivers in and around the city of Ames, and all around the state, can count on their car coverage policies to be there for them in many different circumstances. Ames car insurance is a worthwhile investment; just the way it provides policy holders with a back up plan should something go wrong with their vehicles makes it well worth purchasing, legal mandate notwithstanding.

IA Law Requires Auto Coverage

Even so, there is a law on the books in Iowa requiring Ames car insurance for all local drivers. The state requires all cars to be covered by auto liability insurance. Liability coverage is the one element all Ames auto insurance plans have in common, then. Beyond liability each driver can add other coverage endorsements as they wish. Auto liability coverage protects the policy holder from personal financial responsibility for the expenses sustained by the other driver and passengers in an accident for which the policy holder is at fault. Your own auto liability insurance does not protect your own car against damage, nor does it contain provisions for dealing with the cost of any injuries or lost wages you might suffer as a result of an accident. Its main purpose is to help you to meet your own legal obligations when you are to blame for an accident.

Of course, auto liability coverage is far from the only form of protection you can add to your Ames auto coverage. In fact, many drivers in Ames and throughout the state of Iowa do purchase additional coverage above and beyond what the state requires for each car. The two most common parts added to Ames automobile insurance plans are collision and comprehensive insurance coverage. Collision and comprehensive coverage are set aside for compensating the policyholder in the event of damage to the covered vehicle itself, unlike liability coverage which takes care of losses sustained by the other driver.

Collision and comprehensive coverage payouts on your Ames automobile insurance policy are not based on any determination of liability in an auto accident. In this way they are different than a liability coverage payment. They also differ in that they do not contain any provisions for the covered driver of the IA car; they only cover the car itself.

Collision coverage protects the Ames car insurance policy holder in the event of damage to the covered vehicle in an accident, paying out for the total cost of damages less deductible. Comprehensive car insurance on an Ames policy works in a similar way. The difference is that comprehensive covers damage caused by other sources or events besides car accidents. If your car is damaged in a good old fashioned IA tornado while not in use, for example, or if your vehicle is vandalized or broken into, a comprehensive Ames car insurance policy is necessary for you to have any insurance-based recourse for compensation for damages.

Finding Auto Coverage in Ames

Along with basic liability coverage, collision and comprehensive coverage form a solid foundation of Ames car insurance protection. They do not cover everything, of course. For example, collision coverage does not give the covered driver any protection against the cost of medical coverage that may result from an accident. That's why there are other elective coverage areas available for Ames car owners. You can get a specific insurance endorsement for medical payments, as well as choosing from other areas that are optional for all Ames car insurance customers. If you are approaching your search for coverage with a solid idea of what you are looking for in a policy, you can quickly proceed through your search based on a survey of prices offered by the various car coverage providers selling policies in the area.

However, if you are uncertain about anything beyond your need for liability coverage, and are unsure how much coverage to take on or what you can afford, you should take a little time to study the market and figure out your coverage priorities. For example, if you are a student at Iowa State University living in Ames while you complete your college education, your needs might differ from those of a local family settling down in town with a few cars and both spouses working full-time. The specifics of your living situation and of your driving habits have a lot of bearing on your need for insurance protection on your car.

A student at ISU who lives on campus and only drives in the summer does not need an extensive car policy, especially during the school year. If you fall into this category, as a matter of fact, you might try to get into a special policy with some or all of the coverage suspended during the school year. Perhaps you could just carry comprehensive coverage in case your car is damaged while it is in storage. Unusual circumstances like these make it more difficult to go at it completely alone when you are trying to figure out your Ames vehicle insurance policy. Most insurers are more than willing to help you design a customized solution if it means winning your business.

Auto Insurance Solutions Available Online

With that said, diligent and determined online Ames car insurance shoppers can usually find the answers they are looking for when they scour the Internet for the best values on their auto insurance coverage. The online market is bigger than ever with more and more traditional providers entering the mix to offer their wares right alongside online-only competitors. The end result is more selection for Ames consumers, and more opportunities to save.

Navigating your way through the online Ames vehicle insurance market, you will quickly see just how many providers are out there trying to win your business. Some comparison shoppers surfing online are even a bit overwhelmed by the sheer selection. Sites like this one can be particularly handy, because we help you to narrow down the field and point you to companies best suited to provide you with car coverage in Ames. When you make the decision to take control of your own auto coverage costs and find yourself a better deal, you should take advantage of all the resources available to you to make the process faster and easier on you as a consumer.

Many car owners in Story County still use more old-fashioned means to solicit quotes for their auto policies and to buy coverage, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. Everyone should use the method that best works for them. However, it is clear that the online market has emerged as the easiest and most effective way to find a great value on an Ames car insurance policy. If you know what you are looking for in your next policy, and have a good idea of your budget, finding coverage is easy online.



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