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Antique Car Insurance

Antique car insurance can be quickly found online when you need to insure a prized antique vehicle. Since you likely paid a lot of money for the classic car or spent a lot of time repairing it to its original condition, you want to purchase a quality antique auto insurance plan to protect it against the unexpected. Whether you plan to drive the car to auto shows or just want to display it in a show room, you will need coverage for both plans.

Even when you are just planning to display the auto in a show room, you will still want to ensure that a quality antique car insurance plan is in place because you never know what is going to happen in life. Some people think that because they only plan to put their auto on display, they don't need complete antique vehicle insurance. However, this is a mistake because if there is a flood, fire, theft or other unexpected issue, and the antique vehicle isn't covered then you will be required to pay for the repair costs. As you are aware, the repair costs on antique automobiles can be very expensive so they can easily put you in debt without being insured. Whether you plan to drive the auto or keep it on display, here are a few tips on finding antique automobile insurance quickly at a low price.

Finding Rates Online

The best way to find super cheap auto insurance and antique insurance quotes is to search online. The Internet has simplified the process of finding policies because you can now request multiple vehicle insurance quotes from several providers at one time. The responses to these requests are extremely fast and provide the information you need to select the best plan. Additionally, providers are now able to provide better rates than ever because the simplicity of the Internet has reduced their business costs. However, even with the speed of receiving antique car insurance offers online, you will still want to spend some time evaluating each offer to ensure you are getting the best rate.

Comparing Offers

When you sit down to compare car insurance quotes, you will first want to research the companies that offered you the rates. You will want to select a fairly well known antique car insurance provider to be sure that you receive great service and prompt payment when filing claims. Look at such factors as how long the company has been in business, how many auto drivers they service, and references from other car drivers.

Another factor to evaluate with each of the auto insurance quotes is the type of coverage offered in each of the plans. Although an offered premium may be inexpensive, you want to ensure that it still offers the coverage you need for the antique vehicle. A premium is basically useless regardless of how cheap it is if it doesn't offer the funding you need for car repairs. To make sure that the long-term or short term car insurance quotes offer the coverage you need, you will first need to determine how much it will take to get the car covered.

This includes deciding how much you could pay for car repair costs if the auto wasn't fully insured and how expensive car repairs will typically be on the antique vehicle. Remember, repair costs on classic cars are often much more expensive than regular autos because their parts are difficult to order and not all repair shops are able to make the repairs.

A final factor to evaluate on the antique car insurance offers is if the providers offer any sort of discounts to their car drivers. The more you can save on the premium through discounts, the more money you will have to fix up the auto even more or to purchase additional classic vehicles. Typical discounts include safe driver bonuses, family plans and more. Not all companies will offer discounts and some offer more than others so you will want to thoroughly research the individual offers of each company. A great way to save on insurance premium costs is to pay the plan in full every time it is up for renewal. Plans usually come up for renewal each six months and some companies offer discounts to their drivers who pay in full instead of making monthly payments.

Even after you choose a plan and have had the policy for a while, you may want to periodically request new rates from different providers online just to make sure you are still receiving the best antique car insurance plan. Doing this may also give you bargaining power with your current provider because, if you find a lower rate with another company, you could contact your current insurance provider to see if they are willing to lower their costs and match the other company's offer.


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