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Apple iPad Tablet Computer

Apple iPad is a tablet computer that was developed and sold by Apple. It was created especially to be a platform for different types of audio and visual applications from books to movies and TV such as Will Arnett's new show, and games, and it also delivers web content. The device was first released in April 2010 and has been a big seller ever since, spurring the development of competing products from some of Apple's rivals in the industry. The Apple iPad uses a slightly different version of the same operating system used in the iPod Touch and the iPhone.

iPad Breaks New Ground

Like the iPod Touch and the iPhone, the iPad features a multitouch display, making it different from tablet computers already on the market that required the use of a stylus. Wi fi or 3G connections are used to connect to the internet, download data, and install apps. The iPad is similar to the iPhone and iPod in some ways, but there are some differences as well. For example, while both the iPod and iPhone have three different orientations allowing for the screen display to rotate in every direction except upside down, the Apple iPad actually has an upside down orientation, meaning that users can view images in any direction they wish. There is also a lockout button for users wishing to avoid accidentally causing the screen to rotate while they are lying down or holding the device at an unusual angle [1].

Apple Apps Keep Growing

There are many apps available for the Apple iPad. It comes preloaded with apps such as Safari, Mail, YouTube, iTunes, iBooks, iPod, and many others. As time goes by, thousands of apps are developed and made available for users. Each time a new one is added, owners can get even more use out of their iPads. It is quite remarkable to consider all of the different uses for these devices. And new uses get added all the time, making this tablet computer as useful as it is fun to use. There are apps for everything from fantasy sports to auto insurance online.

Although Apple's tablet computer is by no means intended to be primarily marketed or used as an e reader like the Amazon Kindle, it does have the capability for use in this capacity. There is an optional application that is available called iBooks that allows owners to read books and other content, including texts from many major publishers as well as some periodicals such as Vanity Fair and the Wall Street Journal [1].

Apple Tablet Features and Limitations

There is one thing that is certain about this device: it has opened up the tablet market in a way that establishes it as a distinctive and important device. Competitors have taken note, with Blackberry among others developing competing products for upcoming release. It is interesting the way that different people react to the Apple device. Some point out that they can get a laptop for less than the price of an iPad with more functions. But others point out that this device is not designed as a do it all device, and that if users understand what it is intended to do, they can get a lot of use out of it.

The Apple iPad has been a huge seller ever since its initial release. As the market for tablets continues to develop and evolve, new updates and versions of this device will surely be released over time. The Apple iPad is an extremely popular and marketable wireless tablet with something interesting and useful for every user.

[1] Retrieved 2010-09-30.


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