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Apple Valley School Bus Crash

The news of the recent Pirate Bay trial appeal has been overtaken by somber news of an Apple Valley school bus crash killed a female driver who was involved in the accident on the afternoon of September 27, 2010. The accident happened in the town of Apple Valley, Minnesota, at the intersection of McAndrews Road and Dover Drive shortly after school let out that day. The bus was stopped, waiting to complete a left hand turn when it was struck from behind by the woman, who was driving a Ford Contour. After the impact, the car was sent into a ditch. The driver of the car died instantly. There were 19 students and a driver present at the time of the school bus crash, none of whom was injured in the accident [1].

The woman has been identified as 78 year old Gloria Carlson of Eagan, MN [2]. The students in the bus were returning home from school at various schools in the district, so different age levels were represented in the school bus crash. The crash was the latest in a string of such incidents around the country. It seems as though this sort of thing happens every year in the fall, when motorists once again have to get used to the presence of buses on the roads after the end of summer vacation. The crash underscores the need for drivers in these situations to pay attention when they are behind the wheel, especially during the times of day when children are being transported to and from their schools.

Bus Crashes and Car Insurance

One of the things that we all see as motorists when the school year starts back up again is the presence of lower speed limits around schools. One of the reasons for these reduced speed limits is to avoid these sorts of crashes. In Minnesota as well as all across the country, there is always a risk of these types of accidents and school bus crash circumstances happening, especially when drivers do not pay attention or fail to slow down in the vicinity of the schools. There are always children being transported in buses and cars and many others walking to and from their schools as well, so it is important for all of us to watch where we are going and pay extra close attention.

Avoid Accidents and Drive Safely

Anyone who gets into an accident or gets a speeding ticket in these reduced speed zones is subject to higher rates on their cheapest car insurance policies. So, although safety should be our primary concern and the main motivating factor getting us to go slower and pay attention driving near the schools and around buses, the financial savings connected to avoiding these troubles should at least reinforce the notion in our minds as drivers. A school bus crash is a terrible, thing, especially when it leads to a fatality like it did here in Apple Valley, MN. When automobiles go up against buses in accidents, more often than not the bus will not get nearly as badly harmed in the crash because of their size and the way they are built.

Of course, this is good for the children and the drivers of buses. But it is not so good for other cars that get involved in accidents with school buses. Any crash of this sort is bound to end badly. At the very least, it will cost you some money. As drivers we can avoid all of this trouble and help prevent a school bus crash by paying closer attention and making sure to leave plenty of distance between our cars and buses on roads.

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