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Arizona Car Insurance Coverage

Automobile insurance is required by both federal and state law in the state of Arizona. In order to own and operate a vehicle legally, a motorist must have car insurance. In addition to protecting you financially in an accident, it also offers protection to other motorists on the road. Car insurance can be a confusing undertaking. In addition to the legal language and jargon in your insurance policy, the different forms of coverage add to the confusion. In order to understand how car insurance can work for you, you need to understand what is required of you as a motorist.

How Arizona Car Insurance Works

The state of Arizona operates under what is called a Tort system when it comes to dealing with automobile collisions. This means that one party of the motorists involved in the accident must be determined to be at fault for the collision. He or she and the respective coverage company then become legally and financially responsible for the medical bills and property damage repair costs that the other parties incur because of the accident. Arizona state law requires that a motorist must maintain minimum Bodily Injury Liability limits of $15,000 per injured person up to a total of $30,000 per accident, and Property Damage Liability coverage with a minimum limit of $10,000 . These are often referred to as the 15/30/10 coverage limits for the state.

When considering what forms and monetary amounts of Arizona car insurance to buy, the first aspect you must consider is yourself. What would happen to you if you were to be injured in a car accident? Do you have a comprehensive health insurance plan? If you do not, you may want to consider purchasing personal injury protection (or PIP) insurance. This is generally only available in states that operate under a no fault system. However, you can usually find a carrier willing to offer it to you despite the state you live in. Personal injury protection insurance will cover the costs of you and your passengers' medical expenses in the event of an accident. The limits on the monetary amounts your Arizona auto insurance will pay are dictated by the limits of your policy. Although most people have comprehensive health insurance policies these days, it can be an affordable alternative to those who do not have health insurance. As with most other forms of coverage, if your expenses exceed the limits set on your policy, you will be financially responsible for the rest of the balance.

Your next consideration when choosing your forms of Arizona car insurance coverage will be coverage for other drivers. Liability coverage only covers the costs that for other drivers in a car accident in which you are found to be at fault. It will not assist you in your repairs or with your medical expenses. When selecting the monetary amounts of your Arizona vehicle coverage, you should consider the size and the weight of your car. It is appropriate to consider how much damage your car could cause to another person's property. As mentioned, the minimum amounts of Arizona car insurance are $15,000 worth or bodily injury protection, with a $30,000 per incident maximum.

Another form of Arizona car insurance that can assist you in this matter is uninsured/underinsured motorist protection coverage. With this form of coverage, your provider will pay for the medical or funeral expenses of you and your passengers if you are struck by an at fault driver who has no Arizona car insurance or whose minimums do not meet the state's standards. It also applies to situations where there is a hit and run accident. The difference between their Arizona vehicle insurance policy's coverage will be covered up to the maximum limits stated on your policy. It will also assist in the repairs of your vehicle. You (as the driver), the other drivers listed on your policy, and the passengers in your vehicle are all covered under this coverage. Again, if the costs associated with the accident exceed your Arizona automobile policy limits, you will be responsible for the remainder of the balance.

The third consideration you must make when choosing the particulars of your Arizona car insurance policy is how much property damage liability coverage you must purchase. This is where the particulars of the vehicle you drive come into play. Property damage liability will cover you if your car damages another person's property. Under the definition of property, this can include someone's house, fence, car, mailbox, etc. It is critical to have an adequate amount of coverage in the event that you are sued by another party. The particular situations and scenarios that you coverage will pay for are defined in the terms and conditions of your Arizona auto insurance policy.

Additional Things to Consider about Arizona Car Insurance

With the monetary amounts of any form of coverage, you want to ensure that you will be adequately protected in Arizona. If you happen to select monetary limits that are too low, you are potentially putting yourself at financial risk. If the damages that occur in an accident exceed the maximum limits on your policy, you are legally responsible to pay the remainder of the costs. In order to ensure that restitution is made, a court system can order you to liquidate financial and physical assets. In addition, your future earnings can be docked. By taking into account your assets and net worth when selecting the monetary amounts on your Arizona policy, you will protect yourself against this potential risk.

The fourth and final consideration for your coverage choices is the vehicle that you are planning on having insured. Collision coverage may be ideal for a recently purchased car. If the car has an outstanding balance on it, you will be required to have this. Regardless of who may be at fault in the accident, your collision coverage will pay for the damages your car incurs. However, the monetary amounts that your Arizona car insurance company will pay towards repair costs are limited by the maximums of your policy or the current market value of your vehicle, whichever limitation comes first. Because of this factor, you may not find it to be financially feasible to maintain this form of coverage on an older vehicle in Arizona.

Comprehensive insurance is another optional form of coverage for your vehicle in Arizona. It acts as a supplement to your collision coverage. It is specifically tailored to cover damages that you car might suffer from an act of nature. An example of this would be a flood or a hail storm. It will also cover the damages your car might suffer from a crime, such as vehicular theft or vandalism. With both of these forms of coverage, you will be required to pay a deductible. You choose your deductible at the time you purchase your policy.

Finding the right forms of coverage in Arizona is the first step is ensuring you have adequate protection. By educating yourself on how different forms of Arizona automobile insurance can work to protect you, you will be making an informed decision. Such a decision will provide you with peace of mind as you drive your car in Arizona.


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