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Arkansas Car Insurance Coverage

In Arkansas it is very important to know the type of automobile insurance coverage you need. Depending on the type of job you have, the kind of car you drive or the lifestyle you lead will affect your car insurance coverage.

There are many automobile insurance companies and you need to know where to go and when you are getting a great deal with excellent customer service. The basic car insurance coverage amounts include $25, 000 of liability coverage for one person involved in an accident with $50,000 coverage for all bodily injury incurred. In the state of Arkansas you must also have $25,000 of property damage coverage.

Remember, these are minimum amounts of coverage and if you are involved in an accident you could be sued for more than these basic amounts. You may want to consider increasing these amounts to make sure you are covered in most circumstances.

Car Insurance and Your Job

Your job has a definite impact on the type and amount of car insurance that you carry in Arkansas. A stay at home mom probably does not need the same type of coverage as a traveling salesperson who drives his/her own car on the job. The amount of miles typically used with the car will have a huge impact on the insurance coverage. People who drive long distances as part of their work commute will need more insurance than those who work around the corner.

Although some people may view this as discrimination, a person who spends a lot of time in their car driving to or from work or those people whose vehicles are key components of their job will pay more in car insurance. One of the reasons car insurance companies ask how you use your vehicle - work, pleasure, or school is to determine the risk factors. Automobile insurance companies also usually ask how many miles you drive in a year which also affects the amount you pay for car insurance.

Another less known factor that may affect your Arkansas car insurance is your educational level. If you have graduated from college or even attended a few classes at a college - for credit or not - you should make sure this is known when shopping for automobile insurance. Insurance companies consider a person who has taken the time and effort to continue their education as a better risk for car insurance.

Automobile Insurance for your Type of Car

Sports cars are fun to drive, but they also require additional automobile insurance to protect the driver, passengers and other car owners. When you begin thinking about purchasing a new car, keep in mind the safety rating and this could save you hundreds of dollars on car insurance each year.

Before committing yourself to a car, check the safety ratings and consumer reports. You may also want to obtain a quote for automobile insurance on the vehicle before you even buy it. Depending on the type of car you are looking at, the different major automobile manufactures have differences in the type of vehicle and how it rates for insurance purposes. Two door cars usually are more expensive than four door cars and cars with bigger engines also require more expensive automobile insurance coverage.

Keeping in mind your car insurance budget may help you to make a safe and economical choice on the vehicle you decide to purchase. Since you must have automobile insurance - staying informed and educated about the options is very important.

Lifestyle and the Importance of Car Insurance

Obviously your lifestyle will impact the type and amount of car insurance you need in Arkansas. Young adults who enjoy driving in the action packed cities of Arkansas may need additional car insurance coverage.

Most people looking for a used car also look for the elderly person who may be advertising a car for sale. Drivers know that many older people do not drive their cars as much or as hard as younger drivers. If you can find that great older car with low mileage you may save a bundle on your car insurance. Older cars usually have lower insurance premiums.

On the other hand, if you love to travel and put thousands of miles on your car each year, you will pay more for your car insurance. You will probably need a newer model car which again usually means a higher insurance premium. When shopping for the car and the car insurance - keep lifestyle in mind.

Overall coverage for automobile insurance in Arkansas is simple. You must carry the basic coverage although you may want to increase these amounts for your own sanity. Factors that affect Arkansas car insurance coverage include your job, the type of car you drive and your lifestyle. Shop around and stay informed to make sure you get the best deal on car insurance.


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