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Arkansas Car Insurance Discounts

Saving money on automobile insurance in Arkansas is fast and easy. There are many discounts available, you just need to educate yourself before you shop. Once you are ready to obtain a quote for auto insurance - make sure you ask for all possible discounts available.

Most people do not know that belonging to certain organizations, clubs or unions may qualify you for a discount on car insurance. Often organizations will advertise that they offer discounts on various services to encourage people to join. Check with the organizations you belong to or ask the insurance agent when calling or looking online for quote. There are literally hundreds of discounts available through these "affinity" discounts.

Discounts are the quickest and easiest way to save money on Arkansas car insurance. Auto insurance companies need to compete for business so they often will try to make more discounts available so almost every driver can feel like they are saving money. Be honest when applying for these discounts and you will save hundreds of dollars a year on car insurance.

Savings for Multiple Policy Insurance

First, one of the biggest discounts comes from insuring more than one vehicle on your policy. Most families have more that one car and insuring each vehicle with the same company will save you money. If you recently got married, you need to consider combining the car insurance companies as well as your lives. You may also be eligible for a discount if children who live at home insure their vehicle with the company also. You can also insure your recreational vehicle or motorcycle and earn this same type of discount. Make sure to ask for these great discounts and you will be rewarded with more money in your pocket.

Another discount can be found if you combine your home owner, renter, or life insurance policy with your car insurance policy. Again, most people need these types of insurance and if you can save money by using the same company - you are a smart consumer. Not all companies will advertise this discount, but it is definitely worth your while to ask for this easy savings.

Driver Discounts on Car Insurance

Parents of teens know what a huge impact these drivers have on their car insurance. One way to save money is to make sure your teenager qualifies for the good student discount. Almost all insurance companies offer these discounts and the company usually requires a copy of a school transcript to make sure the student qualifies. Good students hopefully are also good drivers.

In addition to a good student discount, most drivers can also save money on car insurance by taking a defensive driving class. Some people may think you can only receive a discount if you have previously had a ticket, but any driver can take a class and earn the discount. Senior citizens can save even more money on their insurance by brushing up on their driving skills.

Discounts on Car Insurance

Other discounts people don't think about include driving a car that uses an alternative fuel. With the world trying to take on a "green" attitude, the car insurance companies are picking up on this and giving discounts to drivers who are aware of the environment.

Vehicles which have air bags and passenger restraints also usually qualify for discounted car insurance. Other safety factors include anti-lock brakes, anti theft systems, and even GPS or OnStar programs. Although most cars have these features - you need to make sure the insurance company knows the safety features on your car.

Finally, paying your car insurance in full each year or every six months will also get you a great discount. While most people enjoy the convenience of a monthly payment plan, you will pay for that convenience. It may be worth it to pay the entire premium at once and gain a great discount on your auto insurance.

Overall, discounts on car insurance are available you just need to know what to look for and what to ask for. Before committing to an automobile insurance company, compare the discounts they offer with other discounts available from other companies. Insuring several vehicles, recreational vehicles or motorcycles with the same company can save you big money.

Also, making sure your teenage driver qualifies for the good student discount and defensive safe driver discount will benefit not only the teenager, but also you as the primary insured. Letting your student know that good grades equal discounts on insurance may motivate them to do their best in school.

Everyone wants to save money on car insurance and look for the best deal. Depending on the discounts available you may be able to save enough money on car insurance to take that long over due family vacation or even buy an additional car.


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