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Austin Collie Awaits Return to Field

Austin Collie, a wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League, has been out with an injury after a serious hit earlier this season left him seeing stars and the American flag with concussion like symptoms. He has been waiting to come back ever since, and appears to be very close to a return. In the meantime, he continues to work on his recovery, including dealing with the symptoms that might continue to linger after the injury, and try to get back into game shape both physically and mentally.

This kind of layoff is tough on National Football League players because there are not always obvious constant symptoms like there would be with other types of injuries. A great example would be a broken ankle. Obviously, if a wide receiver cannot run routes and make his cuts because of an injury such as this, there is no way he can play or even practice. But closed head injuries are different. They are hard to cope with because at times during the recovery process, there may be no apparent physical symptoms at all. And yet players like Austin Collie still cannot just jump right in and get back playing because it is too risky. Taking a big hit when you already have a concussion that has not yet healed can expose you to all sorts of risk, including but not limited to the risk of entering a coma.

Austin Collie Trade Rumors Persist

In the midst of this situation as he works to get back onto the field following time off from this head injury, Austin Collie has also had to deal with the additional strain of being the subject of trade rumors. It is interesting that the Indianapolis Colts could be driven to move in this direction (if in fact the rumors are true), because ever since he was drafted out of Brigham Young University, Austin Collie has been a steady if not spectacular performer for the Colts. He has given star quarterback Peyton Manning someone to go to open up the field for the other receivers and has also helped with the running game as a slant decoy on run plays and an extra blocker as needed.

These traits have characterized the work Austin Collie has done ever since arriving in Indianapolis to play for the Colts franchise. But there are always needs to be met, and teams in the National Football League can never afford to just stand pat when there may be opportunities to improve. Players like Austin Collie have legitimate trade value because they are a known quantity. And in this particular case, Austin Collie also is very reasonably priced by league standards. His salary is plenty of money to buy a house and a nice car with leftovers for high performance car insurance. But it is not nearly as high as that of many star receivers across the NFL.

As his recovery progresses, it will continue to be intriguing watching the situation in Indianapolis and seeing what they do with Austin Collie, their fourth year offensive player. It is entirely possible that the trade talk is all false. It is also possible that the rumors have truth to them but that the Colts will not find a suitor to give them enough value to move their player. Of course, this leaves a third possibility on the table as well. While he attempts to get back between the marks, Austin Collie might be just about to get traded to another team. Such is the life of a marginal performer in the National Football League.


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