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Commercial Auto Insurance for Home Remodelers

Commercial auto insurance for home remodelers protects these companies from the various risks associated with driving their commercial vehicles. For larger companies, it allows them to protect their dump trucks, stake trucks, and other commercial vehicles in their fleets. But even for individuals working out of the back of a pickup truck, it is important to carry commercial auto insurance not because of the type of vehicle they driver, but because of the way they use it. Commercial auto insurance is not so much about the vehicle type as it is about usage habits. Using a car or truck for work purposes necessitates a commercial policy to ensure coverage in the event of an accident or other claim situation.

There are tremendous advantages to going ahead and making the investment in a commercial car insurance policy. Remodelers get extra protection for their investment and do not have to worry about whether they are covered in a claim situation. Making the most of your opportunity to save is the best way to control costs on these insurance plans. Get online and find cheap commercial car insurance for remodelers today.

Benefits of Commercial Auto Insurance

The advantages of choosing to carry commercial auto insurance over a personal auto policy are obvious enough for larger companies. In cases such as Hawaii car insurance regulations and other states, there are very clear differences between personal and commercial policies. There is no doubt that large corporations or limited liability companies with large fleets of vehicles need the protection afforded by business car insurance. These plans protect you in ways personal policies will not. But for sole proprietors the need might not be as obvious.

Individuals staking their place in the remodeling market and working on their own roofing or siding homes or redoing kitchens might not see the need for commercial car insurance when their trucks are titled in their names. And the style of vehicle also gives you reason to call into question the need for commercial coverage. If you just have a medium sized or even compact pickup truck you might wonder why the need for such extensive coverage. The explanation comes not from examining the vehicle itself but from your use of the vehicle, and more specifically your need for liability protection based on this use.

Businesses big and small (and even non profit group auto insurance) run the risk of liability troubles the moment they set foot on someone else's property. Add to this the increased risk you run of trouble when you're transporting heavy and expensive equipment back and forth to the job. If you get into an accident and the insurance company questions where you were headed at the time of an accident, they can and often will refuse payment if they determine you were using your vehicle as a work truck while carrying personal auto insurance. With such high risk for liability troubles, commercial policies are superior anyway because for just a little more money, they offer much higher limits of liability protection for covered drivers.

Saving Money on Commercial Policies

As a remodeler, there are many different strategies you can take to save money on your policy and get a better deal on commercial insurance. One of them is to make sure you get all of the discounts you have coming to you as a consumer. Some people do not realize that these policies are basically put together the same way as are personal policies. The same discounts that we can get for our family plans are also available for commercial plans, generally speaking. The one variable is the availability from company to company of such discounts. Not every company offers the same discounts, of course, so as drivers we need to find out which ones each company offers and come up with a list of all the ones we qualify for.

And of course, shopping around for insurance is another sensible way to save. The best way to make sure you're getting the best deal is to cover your local territory. Get a good sampling of the prices companies are charging for commercial policies in your local area.

Find Affordable Car Insurance Online

The simplest way to do all of this is to get online. This site allows users to solicit multiple quotes from leading car insurance companies serving their home state by just filling out one simple form at the top of this page. Save more money and get the best coverage for your insurance dollar.

Maximize your protection against liability and other threats. Make sure you are positioned to withstand possible civil litigation or other outcomes that could result following an accident. Whether your company is big or small, you can best protect your vehicle fleet with a low cost commercial auto insurance policy. Find the best prices on commercial auto insurance for home remodelers by getting online and taking advantage of this increasingly competitive industry.


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