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Auto Insurance for Older Women

Auto insurance for older women is a special category of concern as far as auto insurance is concerned. Like drivers of all ages, older female drivers have special needs and challenges relating to their search for affordable auto coverage. The older female drivers of today are different than the ones of yesteryear. Today's senior women drivers have much more driving experience than their counterparts from even a generation ago. They are retired baby boomers, many of whom worked full time alongside their husbands or were the primary breadwinners in their household. Auto insurance for older women means different things to different drivers, but all women in this category have a similar need for affordable and reliable insurance protection.

Low Insurance Rates Over 50

Your life as a driver after 50 is an interesting one when it comes to the prices you pay for your insurance. To begin with, a senior female driver can be eligible for discounts based on age that she couldn't get before she reached this age. Many companies offer senior discounts for drivers beginning at age 50, or sometimes 55. Additionally, you can get extra savings in some cases for being a retired driver, since retirement tends to roll back the number of miles you put on a vehicle. There are host of discount options out there for older drivers based on age, most of which are triggered after you hit 50.

There are a number of reasons why female drivers over the age of 50 can sometimes get age specific discounts on their auto insurance policies. One of them is simple mileage. Older drivers tend to drive fewer miles, a trend that continues the older you get. When they do drive, they also tend to cover shorter distances than their younger counterparts. Many senior drivers will not attempt a trip across the country in a car, for example. In most cases they will take a plane, whereas younger drivers might just pile into the family minivan and drive straight through. This kind of driving represents a risk due to fatigue and lack of familiarity with out of state roads. So, older drivers who historically tend to avoid these sorts of trips by car get the benefit of discount prices as a result.

Older female drivers have a historically lower rate of highway accidents, partially owing to the fact that they drive fewer miles than the overall population. They also tend to file fewer claims, and the claims they do file average out to be less costly than those of the driving population as a whole. These factors and others make female drivers over the age of 50 a good risk to insure as a general rule. For this reason, you can often save money on a policy as an older female driver. But not every insurer shares these kinds of details with their female clients.

Not All Insurers Offer Discounts

And not all auto insurance providers grant discounts at all to older drivers. The availability of discounts depends on the strategy of the provider. Some are actively recruiting older women drivers, so they offer them lower prices to recruit and retain them. But others are not interested in this specialty, so they do nothing extra to entice older women drivers. If anything, these companies try to steer away from carrying these types of policies.

Not all insurers will offer you a discount as an older female driver. You have to know what type of customer your insurer is trying to attract. In some cases, as an older driver you can stay with a generalist and still get a good deal on an auto policy. But sometimes, you need a specialist to get you the good price you are looking for. In some cases specialists catering to older female drivers or to senior in general may be able to get you the best prices, even though they might be smaller companies. It pays to look into all your options to ensure you save the most money on your plan.

It may take a little more time to find an auto plan this way, but it will be worthwhile if it can save you some money on your premium rates. Keep in mind that you can get online and do a lot of this research very quickly, so you can cover a lot of ground in a very short time. These days, you can find out virtually everything you need to know about your auto coverage by researching online. Just make sure your sources are trustworthy so you are not guided in the wrong direction.

Premiums Creep Higher after 60

It is a strange thing that reaching a certain threshold age as a senior woman driver can be a good or a bad thing depending on exactly which age you are talking about. You might get a substantial discount on your auto insurance policy at age 50, but then start to give it all back when you reach 60. Senior drivers do save money on their rates in many cases but once they get to the age of 60 and beyond, these savings tend to slowly disappear.

After the age of 60, female drivers start to show higher rates of accidents and claims, statistics that progressively climb with each passing year. By the time you reach the age of 70, your senior discounts are gone, and most of the time you are paying rates higher than any other age group, save maybe teen drivers. In fact, some auto insurance companies will not even cover a driver, male or female, after the age of 70 due to perceived risk factors.

This does not mean you have no hope of getting an affordable auto policy if you are a retiree above that certain age threshold. Your options may be somewhat narrowed, but there are companies specializing in providing coverage for seniors, as there are specialists for every demographic. The older you get, the more likely you are to find your best deal by working with one of these senior auto insurance specialists. As long as you want to keep driving, you will have options to keep your car insured and keep you out on the road. You may just have to be more determined and more discerning as you get older to ensure you get a good deal. And do not be afraid to let someone else give you a hand in your search. An extra pair of eyes or an outside perspective can only make matters easier for you as a consumer. The goal for all of us is to save as much money as we possibly can without sacrificing the protection we need. Keeping a focus on that goal is essential if you want to achieve it as an older woman driver.

Auto insurance for older women is a special category of coverage with distinct considerations and variables in play. As you get older, your driving habits change, and with them, your specific needs also change as a consumer. Find your very best price on auto insurance for older women by taking full advantage of all the tools you have at your disposal.


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