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Auto Insurance for Young Males

Finding affordable auto insurance for young males is a real challenge. Virtually every young man growing up in the U.S. dreams of the day when he will finally be able to get behind the wheel of a car and drive. But for many of us, the joy of getting our license and the freedom that comes with it are tempered by the responsibility accompanying that freedom. Auto insurance is a very expensive cost to have to deal with, especially for young men. Young men pay a surcharge for insurance based on their youth and lack of driving experience. To fight the high cost of auto coverage, you can seek out discounts and incentives to keep your premiums as low as possible. Finding low cost coverage online is even better. If you can find a company willing to take you on as customer for a lower price than what most standard companies are proposing to charge you, it might be in your best interest to sign on for coverage with that company.

Young Men Pay Insurance Surcharge

We all dream of getting behind the wheel when we are little boys, playing with our toy cars in the living room or out in our back yard. For some of us, our best memories as children have something to do with cars, whether it is family vacations driving across the country, or time spent with our dads washing the family wagon in the driveway. Many of our best feelings are tied up in automobiles.

However, when we get to be teenagers and get our licenses, we start to see a different side to this dream of driving. It's an expensive undertaking, from buying a car to filling it with gas and maintaining it. Especially painful is that auto insurance bill that feels like a slap in the face. It seems like you have to pay more for your rust bucket than your dad pays to insure his brand new ride. It doesn't make much sense to most of us, but truthfully the high cost of young male auto insurance is purely based on logic and statistics.

Auto insurance companies love statistics. They use them to research every possible angle when it comes to cost and ways to ensure that they are covered. They specialize in risk management, so it goes right along their character to base their pricing on risk analysis. And quite honestly, as a young male driver, you represent a higher risk to insure than any other driver on the road. You can thank your older brothers and your dad and all the other male drivers who came before you for this. Before you ever get behind the wheel, you already face a steep surcharge simply because history has shown young men to be accident prone drivers who cost insurance companies a lot of money.

These surcharges are added to the cost of a policy, and are the steepest for the youngest among us with the least experience behind the wheel. As you get older and gain experience, your premiums will go down if you can demonstrate that you are a good driver and are capable of operating an automobile safely. Avoiding accidents and moving violations are keys to this scenario. Drivers can quite often see a substantial drop in prices within the first few years if they have a good driving record, with substantial rate reductions after age 25.

But in the meantime, you still have to pay that youth surcharge. And your insurance bill still comes due whether it's a good deal or not. So as a consumer you have to quickly adapt to the situation and do everything you can to save money on your young make auto insurance policy. One of the best ways you can do this is through discounts.

Save Money Through Discounts

Across the country, both nationwide and local auto insurance carriers offer discounts on their policies to reward safety and loyalty, to attract new clients, and to stay price competitive with one another. As a young driver, there are some discounts you will not be eligible for. But there are others you should look into for significant cost savings right off the top. If a provider does not offer them to you and you think you are eligible, go ahead and ask about them. The worst that can happen is they say no. If that is the case, keep looking until you find the company that is most willing to work with you on price as a young male driver.

One of the first discounts many young men are often guided to by their parents or agents are good student discounts. You don't get paid for your grades (unless you are lucky), but in this way you can actually make some money by doing well in school. A good student discount offers savings right off the top, usually a flat percentage savings on your policy, as a reward for good grades.

Normally eligibility depends on you being unmarried, under a certain maximum age, and enrolled full time in high school or college. A minimum grade point average or honor roll status is normally also required. If you already get good grades, this is a free bonus to reward you for your hard work. If you don't, this may be something to motivate you to improve your grades at school.

You can also look for other discounts that might save you money. Your car may have safety or security features that can save you money on your premium. Or you may be able to get a prepayment discount if you pay the full premium all at once at the outset of the coverage period. Also, it pays to look into the savings you could get by simply being added to your parents' policy. This is not a discount per se, but it does potentially add to your parents' multi driver discount, and can generally save you a lot of money over trying to open your own policy, depending on how it is all structured. This might be something to think about, even if you pay your parents directly for the extra cost you add to their policy.

Finding Low Cost Online Coverage

Beyond any discounts or other strategies, a great way to find a cheap auto insurance policy in general is to look online. Your parents may already buy their coverage this way. If they do not, take a look on their behalf and get some ballpark quotes on prices they might be able to take advantage of by going this route. It only takes a few moments to solicit a quotes, and using a site like this one can set you up with multiple free quotes that you can get going with in no time at all.

For any young male driver, finding low cost coverage may mean getting online and taking a look at some non traditional options for car insurance. A non standard carrier or a specialist in high risk plans may actually be able to save you money over a standard carrier; be sure to look into all your options for young male auto insurance.


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