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Auto Insurance Tips for Teens

Teen auto insurance can be an expensive investment, because teens can be difficult to insure. In virtually every state in the nation, every driver on the road must carry auto insurance meeting the legal specifications of the driver's home state. Some drivers are impacted more than others because of their group demographic status. Teen drivers are one such group of drivers paying more for auto insurance because of group statistics. Before you ever get behind the wheel as a young newly licensed driver, you already are facing surcharges based on nothing more than your age and inexperience. Saving on teen policies s difficult in some cases, but there are ways to take some of the pain out of this expenditure by limiting the cost of your teen car insurance policy. Shopping around for teen auto insurance can help you to find a provider willing to give you a better deal on coverage, putting you in a position to get legal and get out on the road with more money in your pocket.

Teen Drivers Pay a Surcharge

There is a popular notion that teen drivers pay more than the rest of the population for car insurance premiums, and this is true to an extent. Anyone under the age of 25 can expect to pay a surcharge on their premium, based on a combination of their age and relative inexperience operating an automobile. There is nothing you can do about your age, and certainly nothing you can do about lack of driving experience other than simply to get more of it as time goes by. One small comfort for teen drivers going through this experience is that it will not last forever. In many cases, your rates will go down in as little as three years, with significant reductions likely by age 25 if you keep your driving record clean.

Even so, this kind of conjecture about future savings does little to help you in the present. If you are facing up with your first auto insurance premium, and seeing how expensive it is going to be just to pay for your insurance, take the next few steps slowly before doing anything rash. Don't just throw up your arms and sign on for a policy with your parents' provider and write off your chances of ever saving money before you reach the age of 25. take a little time to study the market and find out possible ways you could save. If your parents' provider is not offering these options to you, ask for them. If you still get no response, shop around and see what other companies might be able to do for you.

Saving on Teen Auto Policies

To start with, it is wise to get a quote-but not to sign on for a policy just yet-with your parents' car insurance company if they are happy with this provider's service. If you have bought your own car, get prices for insuring it a few different ways. One option is to open your own policy with you listed on that car specifically. Another is to get yourself and your vehicle added to your parents' policy. Often the latter is the better option, because it quite often costs less, and it also gets you specific coverage to drive their cars if the need ever arises. But in any case, look at your prices both ways to know for sure.

Being listed as a secondary driver on your parents' family policy may end up being your best option, even if you have to reimburse them directly for the additional cost of adding you to their plan. Just keep in mind that auto insurance companies are not altogether too tolerant of teen drivers, and getting in a serious accident or getting a moving violation-even just one-can get your family's policy canceled. So think about this before signing on to your family plan, an keep it in mind whenever you drive.

Depending on the car you own, the level of protection you opt for will also be a potential source of savings. If your car is not worth a whole lot of money, chances are you only want to purchase liability insurance and whatever other protection might be required in your home state. Your agent or online provider will know all the ins and outs of your home state's auto insurance law, so you can be rest assured they will quote you a legal policy. Take a look at the cost you might be facing with this type of minimal plan. If the price is too high, don't just accept it. Ask for discounts or other ways you could save money.

One great example is a good student discount. Most major carriers offer some form of this discount for unmarried high school and college students. Usually eligibility for this discount on your premium is based on your enrollment status in school and your academic performance. If you are a full-time honor roll student, chances are you qualify for this discount. Providers are ale to offer good student incentives because of industry data indicating that better students tend to get into fewer accidents and file fewer claims. As one of these good students, you can reap the rewards of your performance in the classroom while you are behind the wheel.

Other discount opportunities may exist based on the car you drive. If your vehicle is equipped with factory installed safety features like ABS brakes, automatic seat belts, airbag systems and so on, your rates could be reduced through safety and security discounts. Anti-theft devices and things of that nature making a vehicle harder to steal can also save you some money on your teen auto insurance policy.

Shop Around for Teen Insurance

If you feel like you have done everything you could do to save money in working with your parents' car insurance provider, but they are still not offering you a price you can afford for your coverage, take a look around and see if some other company might be able to help. As a teen driver, you are considered somewhat high risk, so getting prices from specialists in high risk policies might not hurt. There are a number of companies specializing in insuring drivers in this large demographic, many of which are online. Take a look at some of the companies offering this type of service and put some quotes together to see if working with a specialist could save you money versus dealing with a mainstream carrier. Every case is different, so it is impossible to know for sure ahead of time. But it's worth it to take a look and find out, since quotes are free and non-binding.

As a teen driver, you are resigned to some extent to pay higher rates than others for the same level of protection in a car insurance policy. But this doesn't mean you should just resign yourself to paying exorbitant premiums until you reach the magical age of 25. Don't sit back and passively throw your money away. Seek out all your options and do not give anyone your money until you've found your choice for teen auto coverage.



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