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Automobile Insurance For Teens

Of the many things that will terrify a parent when it comes to their teenager and learning to drive, the price of automobile insurance for teens is sure to be near the top of the list. Everyone hears horror stories about young drivers getting tickets and having their rates quadruple or fender benders and getting dropped by their insurance company altogether. Although many of these stories are only stories, it is a well known fact that insurance is quite a bit more expensive for teenagers than for experienced drivers – and for good reason. Teenagers have been statistically proven to be more dangerous behind the wheel, mostly due to lack of the experience that causes older drives to act almost instinctively to avoid a collision should something happen.

The fact that, when presented with a dangerous situation, the outcome is likely to be far more expensive for the insurance company if the driver is a teenager is why automobile insurance for teens is so expensive. However, after going through the rigmarole of learning to drive, including driver's education and whatever testing your state requires, your teen is ready to get on the road. Unfortunately for the parent's pocket book, this also means it's time to look at automobile insurance for teens. After adding a teenager to an insurance policy, there is no doubt that the rate will increase, but not necessarily as much as some may think. In fact, this is an excellent opportunity to shop all of your vehicles and drivers around and possibly end up with a comparable, if not lower rate than before the teen driver was added.

When you first start looking for the best car insurance quote, keep in mind that the prices will at first seem quite steep, especially if you are a good driver with good credit and no history of tickets. A good history on your part, however, may actually help your teen get a lower rate, and though the rates may seem high at first, be sure to give each quote that you receive a fair shake and at least compare them to the rest. Just because a quote seems high, don't dismiss it. No matter how you cut it, you're going to end up paying a lot for your teen's car insurance. If you're simply adding the teen to the one car in the family, the rate could easily double or triple.

There are many ways to gather quotes for auto insurance, and all of the major auto insurance providers offer automobile insurance for teens as well. Although you could go to an agent at a brick and mortar establishment, this may or may not save you money in the long run, and is certain to cost you not only money in gas, but also your time. For the most part, the agent will not be able to do anything other than compare car insurance that is provided to them through the company's system, which will be the same quote you can obtain online. In come cases there may even be additional fees for using an insurance agent. Some insurance companies also offer online classes for young drivers that will help improve their rate, further saving you money.

There are many different websites that one can use online to get multiple insurance quotes at once, something that would never happen at an agent's office, and some insurance companies will offer lower rates through these services in order to catch your eye. After all, once you show up in at the office of an insurance agent, they've already got your attention. On a website where multiple insurance companies are compared against each other, there is no such guarantee, so sometimes they will try to reel you in with a discounted rate which is nothing but good for the customer's bottom line. Some insurance companies actually show their competition's rates in addition to their own when you go to their websites and request a quote, but sometimes these comparisons are not apples to apples. Insurance company A may have put you on some sort of package, so they will only compare you to other insurance company packages even though it would be cheaper to use insurance company B's a-la-carte selections. As all insurance companies do things differently, it's probably best to either go through a third party comparison service, or get quotes from each company separately, at their own respective web sites.

Some families find it cheaper to purchase a separate car for the teen simply because it enables them to create a second policy on which only the teenager and his cheaper car reside. The purpose of this is to not only avoid insuring the teenager on the more expensive family vehicle or vehicles, but to create a policy with higher deductibles and less coverage without putting the other vehicles in the family at risk. A $1000 car will quickly pay for itself in insurance savings if adding the teenager to your current policy would have caused it to double or triple, and there's really no point in paying for full coverage on a car worth so little. This is especially true if the family policy includes such vehicles as high dollar sports cars or expensive luxury SUVs. Other advantages of this strategy include the teenager having their own car to come and go as they please, and not having the family vehicle wrecked if the young driver turns out to be not so skilled.

Some insurance companies are capable of taking these things into consideration on single policies, though, and when combined with multiple car and multiple driver discounts, will be able to give you a better rate by keeping the young driver on the original policy. Unfortunately, insurance companies don't really spell these things out on their home pages, so either using comparison websites or getting individual quotes with individual scenarios will still be the best way to go. An insurance company should never charge for a quote, so the only thing you will be out is time, and you could save a ton of money.


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