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Car Insurance Consumers Avoid Theft

One of the threats auto insurance protects us against as covered policy holders is the risk of theft. Without auto insurance policy including comprehensive protection, you have no basis for protection against uncompensated loss following the theft of your car. If your automobile is stolen and you have no comprehensive insurance, you basically are forced to walk away with nothing. But with a quality insurance policy including comprehensive, you are protected as an auto owner against the risk of theft.

Even so, the best way to deal with the risk of auto theft is to prevent it in the first place. Preventing your car from being stolen takes conscious effort. If you make it a point to make your car less susceptible, the risk of loss due to this particular threat is greatly diminished. Here are a few pointers on ways auto owners and insurance policy holders can work to make their cars less of a target for would be thieves.

Install Visible Auto Security Devices

If you take the time to install security devices on your automobile, you will make it more work and more risky for a thief to try to make away with your car. The harder you make it for thieves, the less likely they are to prey upon you. Automobiles with no security and anti theft features cost more to insure because they do not deter thieves as well as their counterparts. By contrast, autos with standard features like security pass locks and other anti theft features cost less in insurance premiums because they are much less likely to be stolen. You can save a lot of money on your car insurance comprehensive premium by making sure the next vehicle you buy is equipped with factory installed security features.

Some insurance companies will still give a credit for aftermarket security and anti theft systems as well. You can find out simply by contacting your insurer and finding out their policy. If they do grant discounts for aftermarket installed anti theft systems, they will likely require some sort of proof of expert trained installation. Be prepared to furnish this in the event you make a request for this type of discount on your auto insurance policy.

Automobile security systems have become more advanced through the years, and now feature many different divergent systems like locking steering wheels and ignition disengage modules. The more anti theft features you can add to your car, the harder it will be to steal. The more difficult you make your vehicle to steal, the more likely you are to save on your auto insurance comprehensive premium.

Always Keep Vehicles Locked Up

Another very simple anti theft action consumers can take is more of a behavior than an outfitting of an automobile. In many cases, cars are stolen because opportunistic thieves saw an offer they couldn't refuse. Ironically, some of the very same cars that received anti theft discounts were the ones stolen in this manner. The scenario is very simple, and more common than you might think. When a driver leaves his keys in the ignition or the center console of a car in plain sight, it is like an open invitation to steal the vehicle.

Of course, if you leave your keys in your car, you probably leave it unlocked as well. This makes it simple for a thief to step right into the car, simply insert the key into the ignition and drive off. It doesn't get any easier for a seasoned car thief, except for one notable exception: when we leave our cars warming up and unattended. A vehicle warming up and out of physical sight from the inside of the house is like a gift wrapped theft waiting to happen. If you must warm your car up in the morning, do it in plain sight of your house, and don't leave it out too long before you get back in and on your way.

Keep Keys Out of Sight

A variant of this theft method occurs when home burglars happen upon car keys sitting out in the open when they get inside a home in the process of a burglary. A home invasion can very quickly become a car theft if you leave the keys out in the open in your home. It is much more secure to keep them in a drawer or anywhere out of sight of thieves. They are much less likely to even think about stealing your vehicle if you don't invite them to do it by making it too easy to pass up.

Implement these simple steps to increase your chance of preventing auto theft. Make it hard for a car thief to steal your car, and he will likely move on to the next victim.


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