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Avoid Common Auto Insurance Problems

Avoid common auto insurance problems by learning a bit more about these problems and about what you can do to deal with them, or better yet, prevent them from happening in the first place. Virtually everywhere across the country we have to have car insurance in order to drive and get our cars registered. Actually, the expense of the auto insurance premium is often one of the most challenging areas to deal with financially as a driver. There are some common issues that come up in many policies that can make this expense even greater and that add to the hassle of being insured leading some people to sell cars online. If you can avoid these problems, you can make it a lot easier and more pleasant to carry a car insurance policy.

Dealing with Insurance Claims Denial

Though it is good to know that you can file a claim whenever a covered loss occurs, it is important to remember that sometimes claims get denied. Even if you have always paid your premiums on time and have never been a troublesome customer, your insurer may try to get out of paying. There is a process to follow when this happens, and it is important to follow this process to have the best chance to get the claim paid.

Write to the insurer using the prescribed manner they require in the terms of your agreement to let them know they are mistaken in denying your claim. Give them the documentation they require in order to support your case. If the decision is not reversed, get into contact with the insurance department in your state and find out what they recommend you do next. Get with an attorney specializing in insurance cases and see how you might proceed from a legal standpoint. In many cases, insurers are more open to settling cases once an attorney gets involved. They usually want to avoid the prospect of a lawsuit and the resulting expense and bad publicity it could bring.

Extra Unwanted Auto Insurance Coverage

Some insurers will tack on extra protection that you don’t want or need, and you have to be careful to avoid paying for duplicative coverage. For example, in some states medical payments coverage is optional but insurers are obligated to offer it in their default policies. It is up to you as a customer to know what is required and what is not so that you don’t pay for anything that overlaps other policies you might already have (such as your health insurance). You may have to refuse extra coverage in writing or follow other procedures as required by your home state; find out what you need to do and make sure you don’t waste your money.

Setting Your Auto Policy Deductibles

M any times insurance companies set default deductibles at very low levels for their customers. For some people this is perfectly fine, because they want all the protection they can get. But for others, this is a waste of money, because many drivers will never file a claim for smaller losses anyway. If you want to save money on your premiums, request a higher deductible, moving it from something like $250 to $500 or even $1000. This will really cut into the amount of money you pay for coverage.

Shop Around for Insurance Savings

The other mistake many of us make is to stick with an insurer even in the face of premium increases. Don’t let an insurer overcharge you; avoid common insurance problem areas. If your rates keep rising, use our free quote form to explore other options and find a better deal on auto insurance.


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