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How to Avoid Traffic Tickets

Avoiding traffic tickets is something all drivers would agree is a very good thing, especially for our pocket books. Traffic tickets can get very expensive very quickly, especially when they involve points and court costs as well as other associated fees. To avoid all of this hassle and financial expense, just avoid getting a ticket in the first place. But how do we do this? Here are some easy tips to avoid getting that expensive traffic ticket when you drive.

Driving Habits and Traffic Citations

We're all trying to end up with more money in our pockets, which is why we enjoy car manufacturer customer incentives. Expensive fines don't help your wallet. The first thing anyone should think about when they are trying to determine how to avoid traffic tickets is not how to respond when they get pulled over, but to avoid getting pulled over in the first place. The behaviors and attitudes you demonstrate on the road may go a long way toward making this determination for you. Of course, the very best way of all to avoid this trouble is to not drive at all. If you can cut down on the amount of time you spend behind the wheel, do it.

Beyond that, the performance and even the attitude of a driver as witnessed by others on the road can help them avoid tickets. Don't have obscene bumper stickers or especially any advocating breaking the law in any way. Don't drive aggressively and tailgate, and don't weave between lanes. Studies consistently show that this practice doesn't help you get there faster anyway. Stay in the middle lane in the highway; it's the lane where the fewest tickets and accidents happen. Safe driving can also have a positive effect on your auto insurance estimates as well.

When You Get Pulled Over

Of course, if you do get pulled over by a law enforcement officer, it is not yet a foregone conclusion that you are going to get a ticket. Your behavior in this situation can either help or hurt you. As soon as you can safely do so, pull over to the right and wait for the officer. Keep your seat belt on where he or she can see it. Keep your hands on the wheel where they are visible. When you are asked for license and registration, ask if you may open up your glove compartment.

If it is dark out, be sure to turn a dome light on inside the car so the officer can see you. Be courteous but do not try cracking jokes. Try to keep your head facing forward at all times and your hands in sight, and be sure anyone else in the car does the same.

Fighting a Traffic Ticket

Sometimes you can do all of the right things and still get a ticket. If you really think you were wronged and that you were not breaking the law, you could fight the ticket in court. Chances of winning are much greater if you didn't give the officer reason to show up at your hearing by being belligerent when you got pulled over in the first place. There is always a chance that these things will get thrown out especially if you can present compelling evidence that you did no wrong.

Of course, if you were breaking the law, you could still try to fight the ticket and get the points dropped or something of that nature. That kind of thing could really help when you go to renew your car insurance policy. Just keep a level head through the whole process, remember these tips on how to avoid traffic tickets, and try to make the best of it. Many times we end up with smaller fines and reduced points even just by being cooperative to the officer when being pulled over in the first place.


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