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Car Insurance with Bad Driving Record

Car insurance for motorists with a bad driving record can be outrageously expensive. If you have been with the same provider for awhile and you've recently had DUI, reckless driving or other major violations added to your record, chances are you aren't feeling the love from your insurance company, even if you have been their customer for years. What's the reason? Auto insurance premiums are all about risk. If a driver demonstrates a tendency toward major claims and sports a bad record, chances are an insurer will have no choice but to respond by sharply increasing their rates. After all, their job is to insure against risk, and if drivers show that they're a strong risk to end up with expensive claims, insurers have to respond in order to protect their interests.

So with all of this being said, it sounds pretty hopeless for auto owners who have had a few (or more) spots on their driving record to ever find affordable coverage. Well, it is certainly more difficult, and you definitely have to be more willing to take the approach that you'll try anything in order to get those high premiums on your car insurance policy declarations down to where you can actually afford to pay them. But with persistence and maybe just a little bit of luck, drivers in this predicament can do some damage to their auto insurance premiums. Here is a rundown of a few things to try for anyone caught in this unfortunate circumstance.

Reduce Car Insurance Coverage

The first few options really are not all that ideal for anyone to have to adopt; but again, what we're discussing here is what you can do in situations where you've got no other options aside from enrolling in defensive driving courses and you need to get that premium down. Motorists who need to save money in the worst way should consider dropping down to a state minimum auto liability insurance policy. Getting rid of comprehensive and collision insurance and any other endorsements you might be carrying on your auto plan strips it down to the bare minimum and reduces the amount of money you'll have to pay.

Some states only require liability insurance. If you live in one of these states, find out what the minimum level of liability protection is and get a quote to see how much you'd save on your personal policy if you dropped down to that amount on your plan. Of course, there are other states that require personal injury protection and/or uninsured motorist coverage, so drivers have to be aware of what is required where they live so that they can be sure to stay in compliance with state law. And additionally, compliance with lien holders' requirements must be addressed if policy holders are leasing or financing a car. Don't do anything drastic until you've checked it out from every angle and are sure making a move won't get you into any trouble.

Increase Automobile Insurance Deductibles

A corollary option to the idea of dropping coverage for those of us who have no other way of staying insured due to our poor record is to adjust deductibles. If you can't get out of carrying comprehensive and collision insurance, for example, increase your deductibles for these areas of your policy as high as they can go. This increase essentially tells the insurer you are insuring yourself against all smaller claims and that you're going to pitch in a much more substantial portion of any larger claims you might happen to file. This action might not be as dramatic as stripping down a policy to its very minimum allowable by law, but it can be a great help to those of us who are desperate to manage the cost of insurance.

High Risk Auto Insurance Specialists

But before taking any of these extreme measures, so called high risk drivers who are getting rough treatment from their insurers really ought to take a look at high risk auto insurance specialists. These are companies that specialize in dealing with customers who have DUIs on their record, for example. If you need an SR22 policy or if you just need a more affordable way to get insured so you can be properly registered and stay on the roads legally, check out some high risk specialists. In many cases these companies can offer non standard drivers a much better price on insurance than mainstream companies can.

Motorists who have had drunk driving tickets or multiple moving violations should still do everything they can to save money on their rates. And of course, this includes doing what you need to do to make better choices behind the wheel and avoid trouble going forward. Getting car insurance with a bad driving record is a painful experience, but persistence and patience can help minimize the pain.


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