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Battery Powered Car Insurance

Obtaining battery powered car insurance is a unique situation. While there are several brands of electric vehicles on the road today, the majority of individuals drive a gas-fueled auto. Some common electric vehicles include Tesla Roadster, named after Nikola Tesla, Mitsubishi i MiEV, the Chevrolet Volt, and Nissan LEAF. This type of automobile actually uses an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine. Since they use batteries, a driver of such a vehicle must be aware that their car needs to be recharged frequently.


One major benefit of driving a vehicle like this is that it is very environmentally friendly. It uses a cleaner type of energy than fossil fuels, which keeps the air cleaner. They do not have any tail pipe emissions, which is a major cause of air pollution. If every driver in the world switched to a battery powered automobile, the overall level of pollution would drop dramatically. If more drivers had battery powered autos, we would not depend on oil nearly as much as we currently do.

If you are an American driver of a battery powered auto, you may be entitled to substantial tax credit. Some individual states also give out more tax credits and buyer's incentives. The vehicle you purchase must be on the federal list of certified electric vehicles and it must be purchased brand-new. Other countries provide similar tax breaks for their residents as of 2010.

A battery powered automobile can be very affordable for the average American. The prices are usually substantially lower than regular gas-fueled vehicles. In addition, an owner of an electric automobile will save hundreds of dollars over the years just from fuel savings alone.

You may get very different car insurance quotes online. More than one auto insurance company will not offer policies for EVs because they are too new and controversial. The design and materials of an EV is very different from a traditional automobile. Be aware that your vehicle insurance quotes may vary dramatically between companies. This is why it is so important to get multiple battery powered insurance quotes from insurance companies on this website.

"Hybrids" are slightly different from EVs, since they are a cross between a fuel-powered auto and an EV. Insurance companies like hybrids because the owners are statistically good drivers. Getting battery powered car insurance may be similar to hybrid rates, but check with several companies found on this website to find out their policies.

When you are searching for battery powered car insurance, be sure to ask the agents about discounts. If you are an alumnus of a university or belong to a company like AAA, you may be entitled to a lower rate. Of course, your age, gender, and location also matter when it comes to battery powered car insurance, as does the type of policy you are buying such as 6 month car insurance.

The average battery powered automobile insurance discount is around ten percent. Since new vehicle sales are down as of 2010, companies want to reward people for buying an environmentally-friendly vehicle like an EV. They will offer rebates and extras added onto the battery powered vehicle insurance policy.

An electric car is a great attention-getter. If you are the type of person that thrives on attention from strangers, then you will definitely enjoy owning an electric vehicle. People will marvel at how quiet the car is, and how different it seems from regular, fuel-powered cars. Others will want to ask you questions about your car, so be ready! If you love your electric auto, spread the word about the benefits of owning one. Direct them to this website to find multiple quotes for great battery powered car insurance if they are thinking about purchasing an EV. Battery powered auto insurance quotes vary from person to person, so they have to compare car insurance companies for themselves.

Battery Powered Conversion Kits

A growing trend among American drivers is battery conversion. There are kits available online that allow a driver to convert their gas-guzzler into a fuel-efficient battery powered vehicle. The money savings over time can be significant. The conversion kits themselves can cost several thousand dollars, but if you plan on driving it for many years, conversion might be the best option.
Buying an Electric Car

A battery powered car is a good idea for someone who drives infrequently or has a short daily commute. These types of vehicles are perfect for someone who works at home and simply needs to the store and do errands. Environmentalists and city-dwellers appreciate the battery powered car as well, since it does not contribute to smog. Remember that you can save thousands of dollars in tax credits, buyer incentives, and other great deals. The best part is that you can quickly and easily compare several battery powered car insurance quotes on this website in just a few minutes!


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