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Bengie Molina in World Series

Sports news stories are big hits, even bigger perhaps than political news such as Wyclef Jean's Haiti activities.  Bengie Molina is in a unique position relative to everyone else playing in the 2010 World Series between the American League champion Texas Rangers and the National League champion San Francisco Giants. He is the one player who may get a World Series ring no matter who wins the series. He was traded from the Giants to the Rangers in midseason to make room for San Francisco's rookie Buster Posey. Bengie Molina has been a steadying influence in the Rangers clubhouse with this professionalism and veteran leadership. And if they win the World Series, they'll at least have Bengie Molina to thank on some level for shoring up the catching position for the second half of the season.

The veteran backstop came into the game as primarily a defense first catcher who was regarded as an offensive liability. However, as his career progressed, Bengie Molina developed into a pretty decent power hitter, though his lack of speed on the bases has continued to be a problem. However, his arm has always been one of the strongest in the game and experts regard Bengie Molina as one of the best catchers in terms of the ability to call the game and to protect the plate. Very few wild pitches get by him, helping his team to save unnecessary runs against and giving his pitchers a better chance to earn a win.

Rangers versus Giants

The Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants are facing off in the 2010 World Series after both won their respective league championships by dusting off last year's World Series opponents, the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees. Going to the postseason neither of these two teams were favored to get to the championship level, although Texas did have some good vibes in the press thanks to hurler Cliff Lee, who is considered by some to be the best pitcher in the game right now. But to the Texas team, in some ways the acquisition of Bengie Molina was just as important as their acquiring Lee from the Mariners in a trade that seemed to pull the rug out from under the Yankees, the team that had been widely reported as the front runners for Lee's services.

Bengie Molina is not a big star like the famous southpaw, but he has been able to help some of the team's other pitchers to deliver their best performances all through the second half of the season, including early on as Lee struggled but Texas stayed right in the thick of things. As the season reaches its ultimate pinnacle and Texas and San Francisco are locked into battle with one another, it is interesting to think about the fact that there is one player who has had a positive impact on both teams' seasons, the one player who contributed to the success of both clubs. Bengie Molina is likely to get a ring even if SF wins the championship, the same way Boston gave Nomar Garciaparra a ring after winning the title in 2007.

Rangers Catcher and Retirement

Whether Bengie Molina really ends up retiring after this season is anybody's guess. It is not even completely clear whether the outcome of this series will play into his decision like it sometimes does with pro athletes who want to go out on top or come back for one more chance to win. He doesn't need the money to pay his car insurance rates or anything like that. But like anyone, Bengie Molina might get lured back just for the love of the game and one more go around.


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