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Best Car Insurance Rates for Twentysomethings

The best car insurance rates for twentysomethings can be quite elusive, even for those of us who have great driving records. Auto insurance in general is expensive, with prices seemingly going up all the time. But it is particularly costly for young motorists. Many factors play into the determination of eligibility for coverage and the premiums we pay for that coverage, but one of the biggest factors of all is age. And in our relative youth, age is still working against us. Until the age of 25 at least, youth related surcharges are standard practice. Drivers can experience an extension of these horrible rates if they do not spend their early twenties demonstrating that they know how to handle an automobile safely and within the confines of the law. But with good driving there are some things we can do in our twenties to save money on auto insurance, find the best car insurance prices, and keep those premiums as low as possible.

Young Drivers are High Risk

If you are still in your early twenties or you have significant points built up from the earlier years spent on the road, you are considered a high risk driver. Someone who is 23 and has successfully operated an automobile with no accidents or tickets is still considered high risk for at least a few more years, thanks to historical data the industry relies upon in the calculation of their rates. When we get out of our teens and into our twenties, the inexperience factor tends to play less of a role in these surcharges, but they are replaced by concerns over alcohol related mishaps including DUI citations and accidents. Now that we are legally allowed to purchase and consume alcohol, the statistics show that a great number of us will do so before getting behind the wheel.

Saving on Young Car Insurance

There are certain things that continue to work against you at least until you hit that ripe old age of 25 and insurers begin treating you like everyone else. But there are options for saving money on auto insurance in the meantime. One option that works for some providers is to take a DMV approved defensive driving course. This course demonstrates to drivers how to not only safely operate their own automobile, but to also look for dangers from other drivers and vehicles out on the road. Anticipating danger can prevent many accidents from ever happening. Certain insurers offer discounts to drivers who take and pass these courses. They show that the drivers are trying to be responsible and safe and taking their role seriously.

Shopping around for the best rate is, of course, always an option. In this age group it is almost a given that we will do this every time renewal approaches. More computer savvy than older drivers, we grew up with the internet and are typically completely comfortable getting online and looking around for values in auto insurance providers. In our twenties we usually begin forking out our own money for this coverage so it is even more important to save. It's hard enough as it is trying to make ends meet without voluntarily paying too much for something we could quite easily get a better price on with any amount of effort by searching for cheap online car insurance quotes.

Car Model and Auto Premiums

Naturally, at our age it is natural to be concerned with appearance and perception. One of the most visibly identifiable marks of who you are as a person and what direction you are headed in life is the car you drive. It is so competitive these days that it seems as though young men and women are always trying to one up one another in this category. But the hidden costs of that sports car or big SUV might hurt even more than the inflated payment. Gas prices and especially high insurance premiums tend to magnify the trouble we have keeping up with insurance payments. Make sure to live within your means as a driver and auto owner. A hot sports car is not necessary especially if you can't afford to insure it. Choose a reasonable car that is financially sustainable and demonstrate your maturity and intelligent thinking rather than your flashiness.

Discounts on Young Car Insurance

Finally, take a look at the terms of the policy itself to try and save money. Often insurance companies offer discounts you could actually qualify for that can drive prices down. For example, good student discounts are very common, good for savings to full time unmarried students under the age of 25 who keep their grades up. Find out about this and other discounts and do everything you can to make the best of the situation. Don't get taken for a ride. Get the best car insurance rate for twentysomethings.


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