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Bettendorf Car Insurance

Bettendorf car insurance is an important investment for drivers in and around Bettendorf, Iowa, located in the central eastern part of the state. From liability to collision to comprehensive coverage and other special endorsements, Bettendorf car owners can tailor plans to suit their individual needs based on their cars and driving habits.

IA Requires Auto Liability Insurance

All drivers in the Quad Cities area and throughout the state have to carry at least a basic auto liability policy owing to Iowa state laws mandating liability coverage for everyone. What this means to you as a driver is that regardless of how much (if any) additional coverage you should choose to carry, the first element of your Bettendorf car insurance policy you need to work out is your liability coverage.

Auto liability insurance does not protect Bettendorf, Iowa drivers against the threat of possible damage to their own vehicles as a result of car accidents. It merely insulates them from the financial responsibility of having to cover damages to any other cars and injuries to other people involved in accidents for which they are found liable. This area of Bettendorf auto insurance coverage is a very important one; not just for the financial coverage, but also for the protection it can give you from possible litigation and other complications that could arise in the wake of a car accident.

A basic Bettendorf auto insurance liability plan is split into three parts. The first two parts deal with injuries to the other driver and passengers involved in the collision. The third handles property damage or loss. The first injury section is specifically set aside for medical costs incurred by the first victim, while the second is earmarked for any additional passengers who may have been hurt in the accident. It may also include payments for lost wages and for pain and suffering, up to the maximum policy limits.

In a similar way, the property damage portion of a Bettendorf car insurance policy covers loss or damage to the other car or other property that may have been damaged in the car accident. For example, if your Bettendorf car gets out of control and strikes someone's garage, this portion of your car insurance coverage would contribute toward the cost of repairs, up to the limits of coverage. In Iowa, as in most states, the minimum allowable level of auto liability coverage is relatively low, in deference to legislative efforts toward keeping uninsured motorist numbers down. The trouble is in serious accident situations, when the monetary damages often greatly exceed minimum liability figures. For this reason, insurers recommend much higher levels of Bettendorf liability insurance, and most drivers do opt for more than the minimum.

Adding Endorsements beyond Liability Coverage

In addition, many Bettendorf automobile insurance policy holders also choose to add other optional endorsements to their car policies. Some of the areas of coverage you can choose from include collision and comprehensive; medical payments coverage; uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance; and personal effects coverage. In most cases, all of these Bettendorf car insurance endorsements are strictly optional, although they are chosen by a large number of Iowa drivers. However, when drivers lease or finance their vehicles, they are required by the banks or other lien holders to add collision and comprehensive insurance until the car is paid off or the lease vehicle returned. Lien holders require collision and comprehensive to protect their own financial stake in the vehicle while it is being financed.

Comprehensive and collision coverage are important areas of protection for Bettendorf automobile insurance customers to consider, because unlike Iowa state-mandated auto liability coverage, collision and comprehensive protect the covered vehicle itself. Medical payments coverage similarly offers payouts for the cost of medical care to the covered Bettendorf driver that come up as a result of an accident. A liability insurance car policy again only covers the passengers in the other vehicle.

If all IA drivers followed state law and insurers' recommendations and carried sufficient liability coverage, there would be no need for uninsured and underinsured coverage. However, in this state as well as all across the country, there are high rates of uninsured motorists on the roads. Many more only carry minimum coverage, which as previously noted, often fails to fully cover the costs of an at-fault car accident. Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage protects the insured driver from having to deal with the expenses of an accident with an uninsured driver. It covers costs which would ordinarily be covered by the at-fault driver's liability policy. Similarly, underinsured Bettendorf vehicle insurance coverage pays out the costs of such a collision above the limits of the at-fault driver's liability policy, up to the insured driver's own limits of coverage.

Special Endorsements fill Coverage Gaps

All across the board, the various optional Bettendorf car insurance endorsements fill different gaps in the policy holder's overall IA car insurance package. For example, comprehensive coverage takes care of costs associated with vehicular damage sustained to the covered car that occur in non-accident situations, covering instances not covered by Bettendorf car insurance collision coverage. But comprehensive coverage normally does not include protection for personal effects that might be lost or stolen in a car in the course of a comprehensive claim event like a break-in. Bettendorf car insurance personal effects coverage, in turn, fills this gap left by standard limits of comprehensive insurance coverage.

With so many areas of coverage available to Bettendorf drivers, it is important for every Bettendorf car insurance customer to come to an adequate understanding of the whole car coverage picture. Before you can make an intelligent decision about which areas to include and which to leave out of your Bettendorf policy, you need to make sure you really know what each option represents and the coverage consequences both of including it and leaving it out. It is one thing to approach your auto insurance search with a financial number in mind in terms of your budget or the limit of how much you can spend; but it is quite another to really be aware of all your options and to have the ability to prioritize coverage choices as you work to assemble a Bettendorf vehicle insurance policy.

Arming yourself with this kind of knowledge empowers you as a Bettendorf auto coverage consumer to negotiate the kind of policy that combines the elements of coverage you really need to have in your specific set of circumstances with the affordability you need to manage your annual premium costs. Each coverage situation is unique, so there is no one-size-fits all policy that will work for everybody. A student at Scott Community College will in most cases have much different needs for auto protection than will a retired couple enjoying their autumn years in the Quad Cities.

Find out all you need to know about auto coverage to make wise and well-informed decisions. Utilize the ever-growing online market to find a policy that matches your coverage and savings goals. Use this site to investigate all your options for Bettendorf car insurance, and become the kind of informed customer who can confidently work their way through the quote solicitation and policy purchase process.


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