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The Betty White Appeal

Betty White has been one of the most iconic comedic performers of the last century. Her wit and charm have captured the attention of just about every generation. Like Carl Crawford, fans love her simply because of how extraordinarily good she is at her job.  Her multigenerational appeal was most apparent when a Facebook campaign got mass support for her to host Saturday Night Live. It was successful and it was announced that she would be the oldest person to host the comedy variety show. Betty White appears to be such a sweet and mild mannered lady, but when it comes to being funny there is no one who can beat her. She has a way with the audience that makes people feel comfortable and at ease. Betty White has not slowed down with age; in fact she seems to be getting into a faster pace than ever. Betty White may possibly be the hardest working old lady in Hollywood. She may be old, but you could never call her elderly.

The Early Years

Many people who start out in radio end up either sticking with this media outlet or getting out of the business all together. Although Betty White began her career off the screen, it was soon apparent that her personality could not be contained by hearing alone. She soon began appearing in variety shows and talk shows. Soon she landed her first role in a comedy sitcom where she soon found her calling. Throughout her early career, she was a guest on many games shows. Her personality was perfect for the fast paced style of these types of programs. Betty White was able to match wits with anybody and after a short time became a fan favorite. These early gigs made it possible for her to hone her comedic style while getting exposure to further her career.

The Television Queen

Betty White has had many roles on TV and while they have all been much loved, none have been as celebrated as her role on Golden Girls. This sitcom was extremely popular as it matched up four women who could produce nothing but comedic gold. The show was a smash hit and ran for many years. Betty White earned many Emmy Award nominations and one win for her work on this production. Although not her first and most assuredly not her last award, this series was definitely her most well known hit.

Not only starring in many successful sitcoms, Betty White has also made numerous guest appearances on other shows as well. She brings a very special spark to every role she plays. So many people enjoy watching her that even the commercials she's in are the most popular ones. People enjoyed her Snickers commercial even more than the silly safety auto insurance one. The public just can't seem to get enough of her style of humor. She even appeals to a generation that is many decades younger than her. This is quite a feat for any actor and is not done very often.

Most people tend to slow down and think about retirement as they get older. This is not the case for Betty White as she seems to get busier and busier as the days go by. More people are scrambling to book her for guest appearances and special shows. As far as comedy is concerned she has the market cornered. No one can make an eighty year old and an eighteen year old laugh at the same time as well as she can. The world is looking forward to many more years of excellent comedy from the queen of the industry.


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