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Bills Release Trent Edwards

Along with news of Chicago's Soldier Field renovations, sports news continue to lead headlines as the Buffalo Bills have released former starting quarterback Trent Edwards, in a move that surprised many around the National Football League. The team's former starting quarterback and first round draft pick was shopped around to other teams for trades before the Bills released him. The ironic thing about the whole situation is that multiple teams approached Buffalo about acquiring the quarterback during the offseason, but the Bills rebuffed all offers, confident that he was their starter. His release leaves Ryan Fitzpatrick as their new quarterback going forward and elevates young QB Brian Brohm into the backup role [1].

Trent Edwards Release Surprises Many

There was a feeling around the league after the situation went down that something must have happened behind the scenes to precipitate the release. It is true that the quarterback did not play particularly well the first two games of the season. But there was no indication that his play was so bad that it didn't even warrant a place on the roster as the number three quarterback. After all, few backups in the league have as much real game experience as Trent Edwards, having been the starter for several years now with complete understanding of the team's offense. The trouble was the fact that the offense was anemic and lifeless when he was under center.

Still, an asset like that doesn't just get tossed out all too often. Anyone still in the prime of their career who has significant starting quarterback experience and who has actually had some success at the position like Trent Edwards has is bound to get some looks now that he is a free agent. With injuries taking their toll as the season progresses, it is only a matter of time before some National Football League team signs him either as a starter or the clipboard holder. Trent Edwards may not be an All Pro performer these days, but he's given low cost car insurance consumers and football fans in general some things to cheer about, showing flashes from time to time throughout his Buffalo playing career.

Teams in Need of QB Help

All around the National Football League, there are always teams in need of veterans to back up their starter, and some teams just want a signal caller who can help get them through the game. For this reason, it was almost universally predicted that Trent Edwards would be picked up off of waivers as soon as he was available the day after his release. Several teams in the league have a tremendous need for help at the position, and his relatively small 2010 salary makes him even more desirable.

One of the things that have been perceived as a weakness with Trent Edwards, however, is his tendency to be tentative. Despite better than average arm strength, he tends to settle for shorter passes rather than take risks downfield. This has caused Bills fans to call him "Trentative" and "Captain Checkdown", among other names [1]. But in spite of this weakness, he could be an effective game manager for a good team in need of a backup if its starter goes down. Good teams with efficient offenses do not need quarterbacks to be spectacular. Trent Edwards might do better playing for a better offensive team.

The release of Trent Edwards came as a surprise to fans and experts around the league. But it may be that a fresh start will be good for him. Perhaps Trent Edwards will benefit from a change in scenery and become an effective backup or even a starter reborn once he finds a home.

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