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Birmingham Car Insurance

Finding Birmingham car insurance online is convenient and easy by using this web site. If you are going to drive your vehicle legally in Birmingham, Alabama, you need auto insurance. Birmingham is the largest city in the state of Alabama with a population of over one million people. This Alabama city has seen such astonishing growth it has earned two nicknames based on its population spike, "The Magic City" and "The Pittsburgh of the South." Birmingham was founded as an industry enterprise and specialized in iron and steel. While population and a stable economy are good for property tax, it also means more cars on Birmingham roads.

Birmingham is one of the most important business centers for the Southeast and is home to one of the largest banking centers in the country. One Fortune 500 company and five Fortune 1000 companies have their headquarters in Birmingham, AL. By entering in your information, you can be provided with a list of Birmingham car insurance providers that have the lowest premium rates available.

Looking for cheap rates for Birmingham car insurance is easy thanks to the state averaging lower premiums than the majority of other states. Alabama residents on average paid $1,476 for Birmingham auto insurance in 2009 [1]. That is below the national average for 2009, which is at $1,794 [2]. Although it is below the national average, the premiums did increase from 2008 by one percent. Rates are constantly changing so shopping around will give auto insurance buyers a better chance of finding the lowest rates available in the Birmingham area.

By beginning your search for Birmingham car insurance online, you can compare costs and coverage options quickly and easily. You do not have to wade through tons of paperwork or speak with a dozen different representatives. From the convenience of your home, you can get all the information you need to find a Birmingham car insurance policy that works for you and your family.

Understanding your coverage options

The state mandates that drivers have either a liability bond or certificate of cash bond through an insurance provider. Bodily injury liability of $20,000 per person and up to $40,000 for all injuries in one car accident covers medical bills and loss of wages [3]. Property damage with $10,000 in coverage will help cover costs related to damages to structures other than a car, like a house, building or even a statue [4]. This minimum liability coverage will help you meet state requirements. Drivers are not required to cover Personal Injury Protection, another form of liability insurance, unlike other states who have a no-fault policy. If you are caught, driving without automobile insurance, you could be fined on the first offense and may have your registration suspended with an additional fine on the second offense.

The state minimum for Birmingham car insurance policy holders is liability coverage that will help you avoid citations and penalties. Nevertheless, it may not be the best coverage choice you have for Birmingham automobile insurance. The state follows a Tort system meaning one driver is financially responsible for the damages caused by the car accident. The person found to be responsible for the car accident is responsible for all damages. Liability coverage only comes into play when you are found to be at fault. Extra coverage can be purchased to increase your Birmingham car insurance coverage. While you do not want to be underinsured, you also do not want to pay for coverage you really do not need. So understanding what each coverage type means is important when planning your coverage plans.

Collision coverage is one type of additional coverage Birmingham vehicle insurance shoppers may want to explore. Collision insurance covers costs for repair and/or replacement of your vehicle as a result of damages from a collision with another car or roadway structure. Comprehensive coverage protects your automobile even further than collision. In addition, comprehensive also protects you from car vandalism, theft and even weather damage. These two types of Birmingham vehicle insurance coverage will protect you even if you are not found to be at fault for an accident. One of the best things about additional coverage is that unlike liability, it will pay out even if you are not found to be at fault.

One of the most important types of additional coverage is underinsured and/or uninsured insurance. This type of Birmingham automobile insurance coverage will protect you even if you are involved in a hit and run situation. It will also protect you if you are in a car accident with a driver who does not carry coverage or does not have adequate coverage to pay out the amount needed. There are other types of coverage that will help with rental reimbursement, towing charges and even roadside assistance. Make sure to compare premium rates when building different types of coverage for your Birmingham car insurance plan.

Lower your rates

Any type of Birmingham auto insurance coverage you choose has to fit your driving lifestyle and your budget. There are things you can do to help ensure you receive a low premium rate. By understanding, what the insurance company is looking at you can put the odds in your favor. For example, some of the main things companies look at are the driver's age, gender, location and type of car he or she drives. Inexperienced drivers, typically teenagers and young adults, will have higher premiums. This can increase a parent's policy by almost double. To avoid this, a parent could decide to open a separate policy for the teenage driver and cut costs instead of increasing them. This works especially if you do not want to insure a new car. Having a new car means you will have to up the coverage and go beyond liability.

Sometimes it also helps to have the policy in a woman's name. Due to studies that show men are involved in more accidents than women are, men on average pay higher premiums. Having a woman's name on the policy may decrease the rate, but it varies from company to company. Location is another criterion. Drivers in a big city, like Birmingham, AL, will deal with more cars than someone driving in a rural area. Even if you live in a city, you can limit your city driving by car-pooling for instance and receive a discount on your premium. The type of the car you drive makes a big difference. If it is new or still under finance you will be required to purchase additional insurance instead of just having liability coverage. Also, the more expensive the car the more your rate will be. Sports cars and SUVs are among the most expensive cars to insure. The initial ticket price of a car does come into play. However, if the car is totaled you will only be reimbursed for the blue book value.

If your driving record is not as clean as you would like, you may want to consider taking some defensive driving or driver's education course in Birmingham to help reduce your Birmingham car insurance premium rates. You can conveniently research companies online in the Birmingham, AL area to find the ones that will give you the best long-term discounts.

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