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Blackberry Playbook Coming Soon

The Blackberry tablet long rumored has finally been confirmed by the company, which not only revealed the name of the upcoming device on September 27 after months of industry speculation but also provided a rough timeframe for its release. The Playbook will arrive in early 2011, although an exact date has not been set. The Blackberry Playbook will be sold to compete with the popular Apple iPad tablet computer as well as the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab, another tablet in development in response to the iPad's success.

Blackberry Developer Research in Motion

The announcement about the new Playbook was held by the company that develops Blackberrys, Research in Motion (RIM). RIM made its announcement during a developer conference in San Francisco, and said that the device will arrive in the United States in early 2011 and overseas markets in the second quarter of that year. Research in Motion in addition to developing the ever popular line of smartphones that have become global icons has also been the designer behind business software and operating systems that allow its mobile devices to provide gain access to email, instant messaging, thousands of other apps, media files, and the Internet [1]. Users are able to do anything from reading the weather report to getting quotes from a car insurance provider.

Expanding into the tablet computer market makes sense for the developer to keep pace with its primary competitor in an ever expanding market. Although the tablet is not yet ready for production, there are some details available about its specifications. It will come enabled for HTML5, which seems to be the direction a lot of online content is going into. It will feature a microUSB connector and a multitouch capacitive screen [2] similar to that of the iPad.

Blackberry Playbook Docks with Smartphones

Blackberry Playbook will have an onscreen keyboard and HD display for rich color and resolution of images, as well as full stereo sound. It will also come with two different cameras on board, a 3 megapixel model in the back of the device and a 5MP unit in the front. Video calling will be included in its capabilities. And users will be able to pair up their Blackberry smartphones to their Playbooks to fully leverage the ability of the tablets to utilize the phones' Push technology as well as calendar and email applications [2].

The Blackberry Playbook will also boast much greater memory than that of the iPad, at a full 1 GB versus only 256MB for Apple's product. Users will also have 3G access (and at some point, 4G according to the company) through Blackberry's existing smartphone service plans [2]. It is evident from the partial list of product specifications that the Playbook is technologically minded and that it will appeal to a core of users that appreciate the functionality of their Blackberry smartphones. It is interesting the way allegiances and brand loyalty have developed in this still evolving market.

More details on the new Playbook are still yet to come on or before the product's launch date. Those forthcoming details actually include a launch date. Final development and eventual production still lies ahead for the Blackberry Playbook, which at first glance appears to be a viable entrant into a market that appears poised to snatch some relevance at least from netbooks and even laptops. Brand loyal users and curious consumers alike will be ready to buy when this hand held computer is finally ready for sale. The Blackberry Playbook is poised to enter an increasingly crowded field and make an impact.

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