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Blacksburg Car Insurance

Blacksburg car insurance is important for people of all ages, even students. Although many Blacksburg residents are attending college, this does not mean you can skimp out on your car insurance. All residents of Blacksburg, VA, even residents for the school year only, will need to purchase Blacksburg auto insurance.

Blacksburg is often considered a university town with the presence of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Students from across the nation flock to Virginia Tech to broaden their education. Regardless of whether you are living on campus or off campus, whether you are a VA resident by birth or simply moving here for the school year, it is important that you purchase adequate Blacksburg car insurance for the bumpy road ahead.

Blacksburg Vehicle Insurance Services

One excellent feature of Blacksburg is that students can take advantage of the excellent transportation set up especially for V-Tech students. The Blacksburg Transit goes to and from the campus and students can ride for free with their school ID. Furthermore, there is also the U Car Share program, which offers car sharing services around the campus as well. Both of these programs make it easy for students to study, party and play without needing their cars.

Because of this, many students will prefer to leave their wheels parked at their parent’s home for the school years and only insure their cars when they are back home for the summer break or winter holidays. If this is the case, consider temporary Blacksburg car insurance which allows you to insure your car on a month to month basis. You can save a small fortune by choosing temporary Virginia auto insurance coverage rather than forking out a fortune for annual insurance that you don’t need eight months of the year.

Choosing your Coverage

If you do plan on taking your car with you to school you will need to insure it, even if you are only driving on the weekends. Basic coverage is mandatory in VA and includes bodily injury liability, property damage liability and uninsured motorist coverage. You will need to purchase a minimum of $25,000 per person up to $50,000 per accident (of bodily injury), $20,000 (of property damage) and $25,000 per person up to $50,000 per accident (on uninsured motorist coverage).

Students will benefit from including optional coverage extras onto their policies, especially if you want full and comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage will pay for any on road costs that you are responsible for while comprehensive coverage will cover the costs in the event of storm damage to your vehicle, vandalism or theft. Personal injury protection will pay for any medical related expenses incurred while road side assist will over towing fees. Be sure to read the fine print when comparing roadside assist coverage as some internet car insurance companies will not offer compensation for breakdowns but only for accidents.

Make sure that you are choosing high enough limits and comprehensive coverage for your specific needs. Many students assume that because they do not have a family, a mortgage or much in the way of assets yet, then they do not need complete protection. It’s easier to just risk it on the roads. However, this could end up costing you thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses. You most likely are already swamped with student debt. Why add another debt to your name when you don’t have to? With adequate Blacksburg car insurance you are protecting your financial future every time you get into your car.

Student Car Insurance Quotes

The good news for students attending Virginia Tech is that there are several ways to save on your vehicle insurance quotes. The bad news, however, is that students tend to be considered young drivers or new drivers if under the age of 25 and thus can expect higher rates than the average. This is because, statistically speaking, new drivers are more likely to be in a car accident than older, more experienced drivers. However, there are several ways to save on your Blacksburg automobile insurance and take advantage of what being a student in Blacksburg can mean for your rates.

One way to save on your annual Blacksburg car insurance if you are a student is to keep up your grades. By maintaining a 3.0 GPA, this means that you will qualify for a good student discount, offered through certain Blacksburg car insurance providers. This discount can save you anywhere from 5 to 15 percent on your vehicle coverage.

Be sure to compare car insurance online for additional savings and discounts. By checking into the various auto insurance quotes online you will be able to compare each policy without leaving your computer. Get the best rates out there, regardless of how much or how little coverage you need.


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