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Boise State Football a Budding Dynasty

Despite the recent controversy surrounding 4 Loko, there is some good news coming from at least one college campus.  Boise State football is one of the top programs in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of Division I. The Broncos compete in the Western Athletic Conference (WAC), where they have been incredibly dominant over the past several seasons ever since Coach Chris Petersen took over. Since Petersen began coaching the team in 2002, the team has been undefeated three times and been to two BCS (Bowl Championship Series) bowl games. This includes one very memorable game that will live in infamy in the minds of certain fans and cheap auto insurance customers in Norman, OK.

Statue of Liberty Play

In 2006, the team had a magical ride through the regular season, going undefeated and winning the WAC championship. Boise State was invited to play in the Fiesta Bowl in January of 2007 against the mighty Oklahoma Sooners, a traditional Big 12 powerhouse and a BCS school. Boise State beat Oklahoma in one of the greatest college games of all time, a game that featured two great trick plays including a Statue of Liberty play that resulted in the game's final score. Running back Ian Johnson also used the opportunity that day to propose to his girlfriend, a cheerleader for the school. He went down on one knee after scoring a touchdown and proposed in the end zone by presenting her with a ring, which she accepted.

The 2009 season was just as special for Boise State football. Once again, the team was undefeated and highly ranked. There was even talk that the Broncos might end the season in the national championship game, but it was not to be. As a member of a non BCS conference, the team does not get an automatic invite to any BCS bowl game at all even as WAC conference champion, so it is even harder to get into the BCS national championship game. However, although Boise State football was denied the chance to play for the crystal trophy, the team get did to meet a fairly new rival, the TCU Horned Frogs, another non BCS powerhouse. They played in the 2010 Fiesta Bowl and finished the season 14 and 0, one of only three teams in college football history ever to accomplish that feat [1].

Mountain West Conference

One of the biggest problems and really the only detriments to team success for Boise State has been the fact that it plays in a non BCS football conference. In the offseason between the 2009 and 2010 seasons, many teams shifted conferences as leagues tried to expand and become more prestigious and generate higher revenues. The Mountain West Conference invited Boise State football to join the conference beginning in 2011, which the school accepted. The Mountain West is just like the Western Athletic Conference in its status as a non BCS school The MWC hopes by creating a 12 team league with two divisions and a conference championship game that it will earn an automatic BCS invite.

Boise State football is a true dynasty, a program that has won more games than any other one in the country during the time Petersen has been coaching the team. Once only known as the school with the blue home field, Boise State is now known just as much for what its players can do on that field. 2010 Heisman Trophy candidate Kellen Moore is just another in a long line of great football players to go to BSU. Boise State football has turned into a true upper echelon program even from a non BCS conference, showing that it can win big games.

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