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Bolivar Car Insurance

Bolivar car insurance gets drivers back on the road sooner after a car accident. Without Memphis car insurance protection, you could be facing thousands of dollars for repairs after serious accident, and if you can't pay that out-of-pocket, your car will sit in the shop until you can. Bolivar car insurance customers do not have to wait to get back to business as usual. With the proper coverage, getting the necessary repairs is as easy as filing a claim.

Bolivar is located 70 miles east of Memphis in southwest Tennessee. State law requires all TN drivers to carry liability coverage in case they are responsible for a car accident. In addition to this form of coverage, there are various policy options for Bolivar residents to choose from to build their own custom policies. Every driver has different needs, and a Bolivar car insurance agent can help you meet those needs while staying within your budget.

First time car insurance shoppers often buy too much coverage, worrying they will be caught under-insured. Having too little coverage is certainly a concern, but it is also possible to be over-insured. Don't waste your money on coverage you don't need. Be familiar with the forms of coverage available to you, and consult your Memphis area agent to get precisely what you need to be prepared.

The Importance of Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is the only form of car insurance required by Tennessee state law. Most states couch this requirement in their financial responsibility laws. If you cause damage to another vehicle, you are expected to pay for the damage. Any damage to your own person or property is your responsibility as well, but you can choose whether to cover yourself. Liability is compulsory because it protects other people from damage that is no fault of their own.

The state minimum limits are $25,000 per person and $50,000 per car accident of bodily injury liability and $15,000 of property damage. Carrying the state minimums keeps you in compliance with TN law, but it may not protect you from a lawsuit if 25/50/15 does not fully cover the damage of a collision. If your Bolivar auto insurance is insufficient to cover the bills, the other driver can sue you for the difference. This could result in the court liquidating your house and other assets to satisfy your debts. People who own any assets are encouraged to raise their liability limits to an amount that covers their worth.

In theory, liability coverage is reciprocal. Your Bolivar car insurance covers your faults, and if you are hit by someone else, their liability covers your bills. Unfortunately, not all motorists obey the law. If the other motorist does not have liability coverage, your options are to sue or cover the bills out-of-pocket. To avoid having to choose between two bad options, Bolivar drivers should also carry uninsured motorist protection.

Uninsured motorist protection covers your car repair bills when the other driver is without liability to cover the damage. Generally, the limits for uninsured motorist protection should match that of your property damage liability, which should be high enough to cover the value of the vehicle. To take care of your medical bills if you are injured, you need medical payments coverage unless you have existing health insurance. It may not be fair to have to claim your own Bolivar automobile insurance when you are not at fault, but it beats the alternative of covering the whole affair out-of-pocket.

Covering Your Assets

Bolivar car insurance cannot protect you from hazards on the road, but it does protect your assets from the financial repercussions of a collision. Bolivar motorists must strike a balance between having amply coverage and staying within a reasonable budget. Buying every sort of coverage available may give you peace of mind, but it will also raise your Bolivar insurance premiums sky-high for protection you may never need.

The rising cost of healthcare can quickly exhaust your bodily injury liability limits, and half of the cars on the road are worth at least $20,000. The state minimum limits cannot stand up to the expenses of a serious car accident, and you will pay the price in court if you make the mistake of skimping on coverage. Insurance professionals generally recommend coverage of 100/300/100 to protect your assets. A judge is less likely to award damages to a plaintiff if you carry reasonably comprehensive coverage limits.

Of course, some Bolivar residents need even more coverage than the recommended limits. People who own substantial assets should invest in umbrella coverage to be sure they are protected from a lawsuit. Umbrella coverage adds value to Bolivar vehicle insurance liability limits in million-dollar increments. Consult your trusted Bolivar car insurance agent to get precisely the coverage you need.


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