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Boston Marathon

Bengie Molina and other sports stories continue to domiante the news.  Boston Marathon runners take part in an annual race that has grown into one of the world's greatest and most famous athletic events. Hundreds of thousands of people pack into the city of Boston to watch the race, filling the streets and lining windows of buildings all along the course of the race. Distance runners from all around the world take part each year, hoping to lay claim to victory in one of the sport's signature events. Anyone who has ever completed or even seriously trained to compete in a marathon dreams of taking part in this contest, which began as a local event but mushroomed into something much more.

World's Oldest Annual Marathon Race

The Boston Marathon began way back in 1897 as a local affair in response to the success of long distance races at the Olympics the previous year. The event which occurs on the third Monday in April every year has been an annual staple on local calendars ever since. It holds the distinction of being the longest tenured race among marathons around the world, and is called one of the five majors in the sport. The spectacle is managed each year by the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) and is open to amateurs as well as professionals. One of the aspects of racing here is that entrants have to be prepared for any kind of weather, because there might be anything from warmer temperatures and blue skies to cold rain all the way to snow during this early spring season in Massachusetts.

Sponsors line up to be a part of the spectacle with car insurance rates companies and wireless manufacturers among many others that have recently taken part. The traditional prize for the winners was a laurel wreath and originally there were no actual cash prizes given to champions. But this began to change starting in the 1980s when notable professional runners began to refuse to go to Boston unless there was a prize given to the winner. It is understandable that they would take this stand, considering the cost of training and the fact that marathon running made up their livelihood. This added to the fact that the Boston Marathon seemed to do pretty well for the city and for corporate sponsors with tens of thousands of entrants and hundreds of thousands of spectators pouring into the city each year.

Notable Moments in Race History

Women were not allowed to run officially in Boston until 1972, although female entrants did start sneaking into the field as early as the mid 1960s. The history of the race has been long and colorful, with more than its share of ups and downs. Boston Marathon registration in 2010 for the April 2011 race set a new record for speed with all spots filled in just over three hours. It is amazing how popular and transcendent this marathon really is. It attracts the attention of the very best runners in the entire world. But it also captures the attention of everyday distance runners, including those attempting to run 26.2 miles for the very first time.

The Boston Marathon is a tradition in sport and in spectacle that will continue to be an American and New England institution for many years to come. There is no doubt that anyone who wants to run marathons or is a fan of long distance running needs to pay attention to this annual early spring race. Thanks to the weather, the organization, and the personality of participants, it is impossible to say what may happen between the Boston Marathon start and the finish line.


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