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Boulder Fire Nears Containment

The Boulder fire that has been raging for days is nearing containment, with officials hoping to get it under control in time to shift resources elsewhere in the state. The most disastrous wildfire in state history, this fire has given fire departments fits in their efforts to contain it, but now the tide appears to be turning in their favor. The sooner the fire is put out completely the sooner investigators can get to the bottom of what caused it and try to find ways to prevent another similar fire in the future.

Investigators Try to Determine Cause

Initial reports when the fire first started suggested that the Boulder fire may have been started by a car crashing into a propane tank, but widespread speculation is now saying a campfire may have started the blaze with help from high winds. Those winds have helped the blaze spread rapidly, making containment efforts all the more difficult for firefighters on the scene.

In the meanwhile, re entry proceedings have begun for areas that were evacuated as a result of the Boulder fire. Certain portions of Boulder including subdivisions had been forced to evacuate due to risk of the blaze spreading that way, especially given how quickly it was moving. As it is, the number of homes destroyed is the largest in any wildfire in Colorado history. As areas around Boulder are deemed safe for re entry, information will be released to that effect.

Boulder Fire Damage Widespread

The damages from the Boulder fire are still being assessed; a process that will take some time even after the blaze is completely contained. Many residents in Boulder have been affected in one way or another from the catastrophe. This is another reminder of the importance of being prepared. As tough as it is to try to rebuild homes and replace belongings after something like this happens, it is even tougher when there is no insurance policy to fall back on. This is true of homeowners and car insurance plans.

The damage to Boulder homes has been well documented, but many cars, trucks, and SUVs have also been damaged or destroyed as a result of the Boulder fire. For these drivers, it is a critical time, because the cost of replacing an automobile without coverage can be very expensive. Homeowners insurance does not automatically include contents coverage for the garage or driveway, so anyone who lost a vehicle in the Boulder fire needs to investigate their home and auto policies to determine what protection they have, if any.

Importance of Quality Insurance Protection

Specifically, the comprehensive portion of an auto insurance policy contains provisions protecting the vehicle from non collision losses, including losses from fires.  This is important to keep in mind whether you're updating a new policy or shopping teen car insurance. If you have been affected by an accident like this and you have comprehensive coverage, it is great for you because it protects you as an insured policy holder from having to directly take on these losses, aside from the stated deductibles of the policy.

But those who do not have comprehensive auto insurance, even if it's discounts car insurance, may be forced to examine their homeowners or renters insurance plans to see if they contain coverage for these types of circumstances. Some of it may depend on where cars were parked at the time the fire swept through the area. It is worthwhile to seek the help of your insurance agent to get these questions answered. This is the kind of thing we pay for with our premiums as insured customers.

Provisions of Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Comprehensive policies cover the vehicle against property losses in non auto collision circumstances. Comprehensive includes protection for deer hits, falling trees, vandalism, theft, and situations like we saw here with the Boulder fire. Residents in Boulder and all through Colorado have to be reminded with this situation just how important it is to be protected with up to date auto insurance. If nothing else, this could be a good reminder to review the specifics of your policy. Especially if you're a long time subscriber with a single company, it is easy to forget about the specifics of coverage and not to pay attention to them at renewal time. But the protection of our automobiles demands this attention.

Residents of Boulder and drivers around the country can get quotes on auto insurance policies that contain this all important provision by using our free system. Use the form at the top of this page to request quotes from local auto insurance providers and find out how much you could save on comprehensive and other areas of your policy. The Boulder fire has reminded everyone once again of the importance of being protected. Rather than risk losing everything in an emergency, be ready ahead of time with insurance coverage that takes care of you when you need it.


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