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Brad Paisley Releases Greatest Hits Package

Sports and entertainment news such as the Rangers World Series performance continue to dominate the news.  On November 2, 2010, country singer songwriter Brad Paisley released a greatest hits CD entitled Hits Alive. The album is actually a double disc set, with the first disc containing studio versions of his greatest hits and the second including live unreleased versions of some of his songs. The greatest hits package is his ninth album to date, with his career spanning eleven years and counting. The country performer has been a huge hit maker ever since he burst onto the scene in 1999 with his debut CD entitled Who Needs Pictures. He has put together a string of successful records ever since that time, with 25 singles charting on the Billboard country charts including 15 that went to number 1 [1].

Successful Touring Performer

Brad Paisley has also made a name for himself out on the road through the years. He regularly sells out every venue on every tour he embarks upon, which is no small feat. Having been in the spotlight for more than a decade now, he has been around long enough to witness some of the changes that have gone on in the business including the ways the audience's taste for difference taste for certain sounds has evolved. Lucky for him, the Brad Paisley Southern rock influenced style has actually gained ground through the years. Some music fans point to crossover performers such as Kid Rock for helping make this happen and bringing that style in to various genres in mainstream music.

The release of a greatest hits package is kind of a watershed moment for musicians. What it says about their career is that they have has enough staying power to produce sufficient materials to fill up an album of hit songs. Many performers are fairly big stars and do well on tour, but not that many playing any style of music have as many chart toppers as does Brad Paisley. Most of us normal folks who just worry about making ends meet and remembering to pay our comprehensive auto insurance bill each month can't really relate to this level of success and widespread notoriety. Yet as fans we can certainly appreciate the consistency of product that is required to achieve something like this.

Brad Paisley has had a record ten straight singles go to number 1 on the Billboard country music charts [1]. This is amazing when you think about it. Just to get one song to go to number 1 takes talent and a little luck. Brad Paisley has been able to do it ten times in a row and 15 times overall. These are staggering numbers even for most famous musicians in the industry, many of whom will never have a single song occupy the top spot and most of whom will never have more than a few top hits. Brad Paisley has to be looked at as a hit maker, if nothing else.

Musical Hit Maker

Whether or not you are a fan of country music, it is interesting to try to understand what it is about Brad Paisley that has helped him become so successful. It seems as though everything Brad Paisley records becomes a smash and makes him a boatload of money. And he is a songwriter, unlike many country performers who record songs written by others. Most of us would be pretty happy if we were as good at our jobs as he is at his job. If folks were more like Brad Paisley in their line of work, we would all have big houses and fancy cars.


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