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Braylon Edwards Arrested for DWI

Football stories continue to dominate the news as football season and the autmnal equinox start up.  Braylon Edwards of the New York Jets was arrested early in the morning of September 21 on a charge of drunken driving. The NFL wide receiver was heading home following an evening at a teammate's charity function, and was pulled over for illegal tint on his vehicle. The officer who pulled him over administered a Breathalyzer on the scene that registered twice the legal limit according to numerous media reports [1].

As a result of the arrest, Braylon Edwards did not start in the Jets game the following Sunday against the Miami Dolphins, although he was not held out of the game. The team allowed the process to play out and allow the National Football League (NFL) to decide how to deal with the matter in terms of punishing Braylon Edwards for the incident. Coach Rex Ryan of the Jets was to make it a game time decision how much his receiver would play against Miami.

NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Part of the problem with the Braylon Edwards situation at least as it relates to suspension or other punishment has to do with the league's CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement). According to the terms of the NFL CBA, the team's hands are somewhat tied in this particular circumstance. Team officials and league spokespeople pointed out in the wake of the arrest that only the NFL could suspend or deactivate the star receiver, not the New York Jets. It is interesting that although the Jets are Braylon Edwards employer, they do not have the right to administer this type of punishment. The day after the arrest, he was on the practice field taking part alongside his teammates.

Circumstances of Braylon Edwards Arrest

New York City police pulled over the football player at around five in the morning on the west side of Manhattan for having tinted windows that exceeded legal limits. At the time, police officers were on patrol specifically looking for tint violations, expired license plate tags, and things of that nature. The officers who pulled over Braylon Edwards smelled alcohol and ended up questioning him about what he had been doing that night. The receiver who was the driver of the vehicle did admit to having a few drinks that night, and eventually complied with their request to administer a Breathalyzer test. A second test was performed some time later at the police station with similar results [1].

Braylon Edwards was arraigned later that same day in Manhattan. Later, the New York Jets confirmed that two of his teammates were with him in his car at the time of his arrest. The situation for Braylon Edwards is more complicated than it might be at least as far as possible discipline is concerned because he is already on probation for his role in a bar fight in Cleveland last year. There is a possibility the New York DWI could constitute a violation of the terms of his probation in Cleveland.

There are numerous ways the league could act to punish Braylon Edwards for his arrest on drunken driving charges. In the meantime, he has his legal woes to deal with, and he'll certainly face some sort of consequences on his car insurance premium as a result of the incident - such actions can make it more difficult to find affordable car insurance types.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a very serious offense, yet it is still one that many people across the country commit every single day. Drivers need to use better judgment than Braylon Edwards did when they get behind the wheel. Hopefully the football star learns a valuable lesson following the incident.

[1] Retrieved 2010-09-25.


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