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Briggsdale Car Insurance

Briggsdale car insurance can take money off your mind when you hit the road. Budgets are tight everywhere, and a car accident is an expense you just cannot afford. You may be hesitant to add another bill to the budget, but Briggsdale car insurance is an investment to protect your current assets and financial future. Modest monthly premiums are nothing compared to the potential costs of a serious collision, and planning ahead with Columbus auto insurance coverage can relieve a substantial burden.

Briggsdale is a neighborhood in southwest Columbus, OH. This suburban residential neighborhood features moderate housing prices, and the residents here are largely middle class. Many commute the short distance to business districts of Columbus, OH, while living on the outskirts of town to avoid the perils of city life. Homeowners have plenty to lose after a car accident if they are uninsured. The risk of losing your home, savings and future wages are not worth the gamble, even for the safest drivers.

Briggsdale is home to many families, some of whom may be preparing to send their teenagers out onto the road for the first time. When your teen begins driving, you have much more to worry about than whether you can afford a fender bender. Put your financial worries aside with Briggsdale car insurance for the whole family. When Junior inevitably dings another vehicle (or worse), you can rest assured that the bills will be covered.

Insuring Teenage Drivers

Educating your teenager early about the importance of car insurance will instill useful knowledge and responsibility in her (and a little fear never hurt, either.) Driving without car insurance is illegal in the state of Ohio, and the consequences can be great. If a teen driver is caught without proof of Ohio car insurance coverage, even in a routine traffic stop, she can have her license suspended, her car impounded and she will have to pay a large fine to regain driving privileges. Driving privileges for teenagers are considered probationary by some juvenile courts, so getting that license back can be an uphill battle.

Buying Briggsdale vehicle insurance for teenagers is much more expensive than for adults. Teens are much more likely to be in a car accident due to inexperience and bad habits like night driving, carrying passengers, distracted driving and driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Teens may also be reckless about wearing seatbelts, so the risk of injury is much higher as well. Teenagers account for only 7 percent of Ohio drivers, but they are involved in 17 percent of collisions. To mitigate these risks, Briggsdale teenagers (or their parents) pay higher premiums.

Briggsdale teenagers should also be aware that their habits affect their premiums. Speeding tickets and other moving violations cause rates to skyrocket since speeders tend to be in more car accidents. Accidents, even if your teen is not at fault, also impact rates after the second one occurs, because the driver has established a pattern of costly habits. One easy way teenage drivers can lower their Briggsdale automobile insurance premiums is by making good grades, since many insurance companies offer good student discounts. Students who pass a driver's education class may also be eligible for a discount.

When Gap Coverage is Necessary

Every Briggsdale driver needs the basic forms of coverage: liability, uninsured motorist coverage, collision and comprehensive. Beyond those, there are several options for Briggsdale car insurance policy additions. One of these is gap coverage, and anyone buying or leasing a car for little or no downpayment needs it.

Gap coverage pays the difference between what the vehicle is worth and what is owed the financing company if the vehicle is totaled or stolen shortly after purchase. Your collision coverage will pay for the loss of the car itself, but it covers only the actual cash value, which takes into account depreciation. What the vehicle is worth today may be far less than what you still owe.

Imagine you paid $50,000 for a new vehicle with no downpayment. Two months later, after having made $4,000 in payments, the vehicle is stolen and never recovered. The depreciated value that the Briggsdale car insurance company will pay is $40,000. You still owe the financing company $6,000, which could put a serious dent in your credit. Gap insurance would pay that $6,000 difference.

Most lenders require buyers to take out a gap coverage policy before approving the loan, so this addition to your Briggsdale auto insurance policy is a given. But if the company does not require it, you would be wise to purchase it anyway. Briggsdale car insurance can get you back on the road faster without you worrying about depleting your bank account. Fill out our easy-to-use form today to contact a Briggsdale insurance agent and get started protecting your family's financial future.


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