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Bristol Car Insurance

Bristol car insurance is something all Bristol residents who plan on driving this year will need to purchase. Regardless of whether you are insuring your first car or looking for a cheaper rate on your current coverage plan now is the time to shop around and compare prices. This is because, while Connecticut coverage rates are typically much higher than the national car coverage average, they are also on a decline for 2010. In fact, residents in Connecticut can expect an average premium of $2,062 this year, compared to the national average of $1,580. Although this seems extraordinary high, especially for a service you never plan on actually using, this is actually a 3 percent decrease from last year and a 7 percent decrease from 2008. What this means is that now is the perfect time to buy Bristol car insurance and save!

Bristol, CT Car Insurance Rates

Bristol residents will need to purchase a minimum coverage plan known as the 20/40/10 with 20/40 UM. This is the mandatory coverage limit for drivers across Connecticut and includes $20,000 bodily injury coverage per person and $40,000 per accident as well as $10,000 in property damage protection. The 20/40 UM refers to uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, which has a minimum of $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident. Keep in mind that this is the minimum coverage and, while this may be adequate for someone who does not drive often, has an older car or does not have a family, most Bristol drivers will opt for a more comprehensive coverage package that includes higher limits as well as optional coverage extras.

In most instances, the minimum Bristol vehicle insurance plan will not be enough to completely cover the costs if you are in a serious accident. If you own an expensive or newer vehicle, if you have a family you need to support and if you drive frequently, it is most likely worth your while to up the limits and consider some of the optional extras, such as Connecticut personal injury protection, collision coverage and comprehensive protection. One of the more common plans is the 100/3000/50 plan which provides a much higher limit so your family and your vehicle remain protected on and off the road.

Vehicle Insurance Quotes in Bristol, CT

The level of coverage you require, as well as the premium you are offered, will depend on a number of factors including the type of vehicle you drive, how much driving you do, what you driving history is like and who will be covered under the plan. In general, the safer your car is, the better Bristol car insurance rate you will be offered. Vehicles that come with Five Star Safety Ratings tend to handle a collision (and be less expensive to repair) a lot better than a two door small car, an expensive convertible or a foreign V8 import. If you are driving every day to and from work, or chauffeuring the kids around, you can also expect a higher premium than someone who only drives to the grocery store and back once a week. Those that have an excellent driving history with no claims, no accidents and no traffic violations can expect the best Bristol car insurance rates. Furthermore, you car coverage premium will also depend on who is on your plan. Are you insuring for yourself or do you also need to cover your wife, your teenage son and your teenage daughter? You can expect a much lower premium if you are the only driver.

Compare Car Insurance

Many people assume that all car insurance carriers will provide the same discounts, the same premiums and the same price, year after year. This is actually not the case. Your Bristol auto insurance rate will depend on a number of factors and can fluctuate year after year. This is one of the reasons it is so important to shop around and compare vehicle coverage every year if you want to find really cheap car insurance. You never know what discounts you could be missing out on.

However, even though we all want cheap Bristol car insurance, no one wants to spend their free time going from coverage agency to coverage agency comparing prices and asking for a better rate. And, fortunately, you do not have to. You can find cheap Bristol automobile insurance from the comfort of your own home. Simply fill in your details and you will instantly be connected to the best auto insurance quotes for your specific needs. Then it is up to you to browse the discounts, compare the companies and determine the best policy for you. There is no reason any Bristol resident should be over-paying on their Bristol car insurance year after year. Now is the perfect time to compare car insurance quotes and kiss those higher-than-average premiums goodbye once and for all.


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