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Brittany Hills Car Insurance

Brittany Hills car insurance offers residents peace of mind that their financial futures are secure after a car accident. Every time you get behind the wheel, you face a barrage of threats from other drivers, the weather and conditions on the road. Barring becoming a hermit, these risks are unavoidable. You have places to be and a life to live, so face them head on with Brittany Hills car insurance to protect you.

Various forms of Columbus car insurance coverage guard you against nearly every imaginable peril. Finding a knowledgeable, trustworthy Brittany Hills car insurance agent is the best way to get the coverage you need, but having some basic knowledge of your options can make you a smart consumer. Even the best agents aim to sell you a product, so get an idea of what you need and what you can afford before proceeding.

Brittany Hills is a residential neighborhood in Columbus, OH, the state capital and largest city in Ohio. The climate here is a mix of humid subtropical and humid continental, resulting in brutally hot, humid summers and cold, dry winters. There is very little snowfall here, but roads do tend to ice in the coldest conditions. Severe thunderstorms and occasional tornadoes pose risk of fallen trees and debris on the road that can be hazardous to Brittany Hills motorists. In addition to the weather, large cities have higher incidents of auto theft and vandalism, and the higher volume of traffic in metropolitan areas like Columbus, OH, causes more accidents.

Coverages Overview

For first-time Brittany Hills auto insurance buyers, all of the available options can be overwhelming. A crash course in Ohio car insurance can be a great tool to get you started. Everyone has different insurance needs, but there is a general hierarchy of coverages based on necessity. The more diverse and comprehensive your policy, the better off you will be when facing any peril.

Ohio drivers are required to carry liability coverage in case they cause as accident. The at-fault driver is required to pay the other party's car repair and medical expenses, though a car insurance company can decide to split the fault between both parties if both could have avoided the collision. The state-required minimum limits for liability are $12,500 in bodily injury per injured party, up to $25,000 for all injured parties in the other car, and $7,500 in property damage for the other driver's car and surrounding structures.

Just as important as liability is Brittany Hills uninsured motorist protection (UM). If you are hit by an uninsured driver, there is no liability coverage to pay for your expenses. Your options are to cover the costs out-of-pocket or attempt to sue, but Brittany Hills car insurance also provides the option of UM. Like liability, this will kick in to pay for your medical bills and lost wages, though it will rarely cover car repairs. Your UM limits should match your bodily injury liability limits.

At the next level of importance is collision coverage. Collision will pay for your car repairs after a run-in with an uninsured driver or if you are at-fault for an accident. The only Brittany Hills drivers for whom collision is not necessary are those with cars worth less than $5,000, since the cost of the deductible might be just as much as the cost of repairs. Drivers can also opt for personal injury protection as part of their Brittany Hills vehicle insurance policies, which pays for your medical expenses if you cause an accident. This is superfluous for people who have good health insurance, though.

Comprehensive Coverage

Midwesterners are wise to invest in comprehensive coverage. This form of Brittany Hills car insurance covers non-collision perils. Theft, vandalism, wind damage, flooding, fire and animal collisions are just a few of the things covered. The weather in the Midwest and the large wildlife on the outskirts of the city can be potential risks that require extra coverage.

The most important consideration when choosing comprehensive coverage for your Brittany Hills automobile insurance is your deductible. You can choose a deductible from $0 to more than $1,000, depending on how much you want to pay out-of-pocket for car repairs before Brittany Hills insurance kicks in. The higher the deductible, the lower your monthly payments, but you must be able to meet that initial cost before a claim will be honored.

Insurance experts recommend reserving claims for repairs that cost three times your deductible. If you vehicle's value is close to that number, comprehensive coverage may not be a necessary addition to your Brittany Hills policy. Talk to your agent about how realistic this expense is for your situation. It may be more prudent to pay the repairs out-of-pocket, which will also keep your Brittany Hills car insurance rates more reasonable.


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