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Burlington Car Insurance

Burlington car insurance is something that all people living and driving in Burlington will need to consider Regardless of whether you are going to school, travelling to work or chauffeuring the kids around, you will need to protect your car from the chance of a car accident. Car insurance comes in a number of different shapes and sizes so all drivers can pick and choose how much car protection they want based on your needs and their budgets.

Burlington VT Student Car Insurance Quotes

Burlington is often considered a college town as it houses several thousands of students attending the University of Vermont, Burlington College or Champlain College. If you are living and studying in Burlington, then you will need to consider Burlington car insurance for all your driving needs.

Vermont state law requires all drivers to purchase basic coverage when insuring their car. Every state is different in terms of minimum basic coverage requirements so be sure to familiarize yourself with the laws when you compare car insurance, especially if you are new to the state. Basic coverage in Vermont consists of $25,000 per injured person up to $50,000 per accident of bodily injury liability as well as $10,000 of property damage protection. Uninsured motorist bodily injury ($50,000 per person up to $100,000 per accident) and uninsured motorist property damage ($10,000) is also required by law.

When you compare this basic Vermont insurance coverage with other states you will notice that this seems fairly high. For many drivers, this amount of coverage is enough and they will not purchase anything other than basic coverage. However, for many other drivers, they will still consider collision, comprehensive, personal injury protection and other optional extras on top of their basic coverage. It is up to you to determine how much or how little coverage you want when you are purchasing Burlington automobile insurance.

Best Rates for Burlington Car Insurance

Student drivers tend to get stung with the highest vehicle insurance quotes than any other category. This is because most students are under the age of 25 and thus are considered new drivers or young drivers. New drivers statistically have more accidents than any other age category and thus are considered ‘high risk’ to insure. Because of this, providers are not able to offer them incredibly low discounts.

The average VT resident will pay around $1250 for their coverage each year[1]. This is an incredibly affordable rate, especially when comparing to the national average which is around $1500 to $1600. New drivers, however, may be hit with double the price when they are looking for auto insurance quotes. There are some ways to lower your premium; however, especially if you are a student.

Burlington Vehicle Insurance Online

Some providers will offer discounts to student drivers that maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher. This is because a responsible student is usually also a responsible driver. If you are not using your car all the time you may also qualify for a low mileage discount, offered to those that only drive occasionally and take advantage of the public transportation system in place in Burlington. Some providers will also offer discounts for students that are attending one of the colleges in town. Be sure to compare vehicle insurance online to find the best deals out there.

Another way to get the best prices on Burlington car insurance is to remain as safe as possible on the roads. Three to five years of responsible driving is all it takes to get a much better price on your premium. Every year you remain car accident and claim free you are one step closer to a better deal on your Burlington car insurance. Although you cannot always avoid a traffic accident, you can lower your chances of getting into one by driving less and staying off the roads if you are tired, stressed or have been drinking.

One other way to save on your vehicle coverage is to consider a higher deductible when you are comparing quotes. By upping your deductible to $500 or even $1000 you will be able to significantly lower your premium. Although you will need to pay this deductible if you need to make a claim, for many drivers, the risk is definitely worth the savings each year. Consider your individual driving situation when determining if this is a good option for you.

Get the best prices on your Burlington auto insurance, regardless of your age and your living situation by comparing prices online. You don’t have to have a PhD to know that comparing online will save you a small fortune on your annual vehicle coverage. In between cramming for the midterm and writing your dissertation, take a five minute break and compare what’s out there to save on your annual Burlington car insurance.

[1] 1/18/2011


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