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Buy Cheap Car Insurance Online Today

"Buy cheap car insurance online" is a common slogan for many companies. But can you really get good quality coverage by purchasing your policy online? After all, everyone knows that scams abound on the Internet, right?

You will be relieved to know that yes, you can buy cheap car insurance online.  You can get excellent coverage from top insurers and save a lot of time and money in the process. However, as with any other venture, there are right and wrong ways to go about searching for auto insurance online.

How to Purchase Auto Insurance

First of all, you need to look for a website that offers only top quality agencies. Try typing your ZIP code into the box on our home page. You'll quickly get a list of insurance companies for your geographic area. Each of these companies has an excellent reputation for providing great service. There are both large, national names that you'll recognize along with smaller local companies that have a good name in your area.

Pick one of these companies and start entering the data requested in order to get an insurance quote.  Each company will need the same basic information. First, it will need information about your car, such as the year it was built, the make (Ford, Toyota, Chrysler etc.) and the model (Focus, Prius, Caravan etc.). The insurer will also want the body style (sedan, mini-van etc.).

This information is important because each detail has a major effect on an insurance risk. For example, a brand-new car will be much more expensive to replace if it is lost or stolen. Likewise, an older Honda Civic will be less likely to be stolen than a new Ferrari.

Next, you will be asked about how you use the car. Insurers will want to know how many miles it is driven each year. This will take a little bit of math. For example, if it's the car you drive to work every day, figure out the round trip mileage for each day, and then multiply it by the number of days you work each week. Then multiply that number by 50 (assuming you get two weeks of vacation each year.) You also need to consider how much you use the car in your non-work life. Do you take many extended trips? Do you shuttle the kids to school and sports activities? The more you drive, the higher your insurance premium is likely to be.

The next questions will be related to your mileage: Is this vehicle for personal or business use. Personal use vehicles are less expensive to insure because there is less concern about liability.  A business-use vehicle must be insured to protect merchandise, employees and customers of the business. For example, what if your employee gets into a fender bender while driving the company vehicle? Depending on the circumstances and your state's insurance laws, your insurance may have to cover your losses and that of the other car's owner. It may also have to cover your customer's property if it was in the car at the time of the accident.

Who Will Drive It?

You will also be asked who owns the car and who will be allowed to drive it. This is an important issue, especially for anyone who has a new driver in the household. Insurance premiums are generally much higher for new drivers and understandably so, since they still must gain experience behind the wheel.

Likewise, drivers with less-than-perfect records or poor credit histories will cost more to insure. However, if the driver in question can prove that he or she is trying to do better (e.g. by taking a defensive driving course or correcting an error on a credit report), those actions can work in your favor.

In addition to the basic questions, the company will ask some questions about discounts. There are a variety of discounts available and you should carefully consider whether each one applies to your situation. These questions will also provide some food for thought. For example, if you've been putting off installing an alarm system or a global positioning system, you may stop dragging your feet when you realize many insurance companies offer significant discounts for those vehicles that do have them.

Once you have your free quotes, take some time to compare them. Be sure you entered the same information in each quote questionnaire so you can get a true comparison.  Also compare them to your current policy. Ask questions about any significant differences you find among them.

You've probably noticed that different insurers offer different discounts and different rates. Some people make the mistake of simply choosing the lowest price and leaving the matter at that. However, you should take the time to compare coverage. The fine print will likely reveal a lot of differences. For example, the lower rate may not include roadside assistance.

When you buy cheap car insurance online, you need to pay attention to the claim process. If your car is involved in a collision or stolen, do you know exactly what to do to make a claim?  Cheaper is not necessarily better if you get the runaround when trying to make a claim.

Some people prefer to work with insurers that have a brick-and-mortar office nearby. If this is important to you, find out where that office is. Are the hours and location convenient for you?

Once you've received and compared several quotes, there are some other steps to take to ensure your decision is correct. Ask your friends, coworkers and relatives if they've had any dealings with the company you chose. Find out how satisfied they were. Be sure to read customer reviews online. Find out if the problems were the fault of the company or just a particular agent.

Consult your state's insurance office and the Better Business Bureau. These agencies will tell you whether any complaints have been filed against the insurer and how those complaints were resolved. Standard & Poor's and A.M. Best Company also rate insurance companies to help you protect your investment.

When you buy cheap car insurance online, you have a chance to "play" with your information a little. If you are uncertain as to how much coverage you should have, you can enter different deductibles and see how they affect your rates. You are under no obligation to buy so you can keep experimenting until you find the proper coverage that meets your budget.

When you've selected the best policy, you can order it online or meet with an agent who can answer any further questions you may have. The whole process can be done during your lunch hour and can save you enough money to pay for your next vacation.

After your purchase, you will want to review your policy and get new quotes periodically.  Anytime your life circumstances changes the use of your cars, you will want to get new information. Examples include retirement, sending your child off to college, changing jobs, moving etc. Naturally every time you get a new car, you'll need to get new insurance.

You can indeed buy cheap car insurance online. What's more, you can do it quickly and easily. While buying auto insurance will never beat online gaming, you don't have to dread the process anymore. Why not find out how much money you can save by comparing auto insurance rates right now? You'll be glad you did.


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