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Crew Cab Trucks and Family Safety

Crew cab trucks and family safety become more and more of a relevant issue as time goes by. When this option was first offered on pickup trucks, it was mostly used for work vehicles to haul larger crews of workers to the job. Landscapers and framing contractors are just a few trades that have traditionally made use of crew cab pickup trucks over the course of time. But in more recent years these vehicles have begun to become more popular as family oriented automobiles, first for use on camping trips and other such excursions and finally as primary means of transportation for the family.

If you are in the market for a crew cab pickup truck or are just thinking about getting one for your next vehicle, there are many things to consider and many issues to work through. If this is going to be your family ride, safety has to be a top priority. Learn what you can about crew cab trucks and family safety so that you know what to look for and which features to ask about when you are shopping around and comparing brands to consider buying and also be aware of warranty third party scams so you can avoid them.

Safety Features on Crew Cabs

As the market has developed and they have evolved in their appearance and the buyers for whom they are marketed, the safety features associated with crew cab trucks have also developed. Today’s buyers generally expect more, regarding features that might have been regarded as a bonus in previous years as a necessity these days. In their early days when this style of truck came out on the market, crew cabs (also known as quad cabs) had a pretty poor record for safety, but that has all changed.

The smaller ones were the worst offenders. Improved crash test performance and a more impressive assortment of standard and available safety features have made these vehicles more attractive for families to consider buying. One of the things that continue to be a problem with pickup trucks as far as safety is concerned is their higher tendency to roll over, though part of this appears to stem from drivers not making adjustments in their driving to account for the differences in the vehicles. When drivers understand the dangers involved in the behaviors that lead most often to rollovers, these accidents can very often be avoided.

Electronic Stability Control

Electronic stability control (ESC) is a safety feature that has been shown to reduce crew cab truck fatalities. Beginning with the 2012 model year ESC will be mandatory. This feature helps when the driver takes a corner too aggressively and also aids vehicle control when the axle bounces the body of the truck on a rough surface. Left and right front air bags and lap and shoulder belts in all outboard positions are standard in all new crew cab trucks. Side curtain airbags are getting more common and are highly recommended when they are optional.

Traction control is also very important for trucks. It helps you stay straight on a slippery road, but you must understand that this is no way to come back out of a sideways skid. Traction control is a great feature especially for rear wheel drive crew cab trucks, particularly those without any weight in the bed, because these are the ones most prone to tire slippage in the snow, ice, or even on wet asphalt.

There are many different truck cab safety features that make today’s crew cab pickup trucks safer than ever. But the best way to ensure family safety in pickup trucks is to always drive safely and defensively.


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