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Cam Newton Controversy Gaining Speed

NFL players like Austin Collie aren't the only athletes with worries this year.  Cam Newton is currently the leading candidate for the Heisman Trophy, given annually to the most outstanding player in college football as chosen by voters. The Auburn Tigers quarterback has had a sensational season thus far, leading the Tigers to a number 2 BCS ranking and ten wins in a row to start the year. He leads the team in rushing while also showing proficiency and deft decision making skills as a pocket passer. But as a controversy over his amateur eligibility continues to build, one could begin to question the decision making of Cam Newton off the field.

Transferred to JC from Florida

Cam Newton was a highly recruited quarterback coming out of high school who originally enrolled at the University of Florida for the 2007 season. In early 2008 he transferred to Blinn College, a junior college, where he played last season and put up big numbers. He cited the fact that former Gator Tim Tebow had decided to come back for his senior year as the reason he transferred. But recent allegations claim that this was not the case. According to sources, Cam Newton was in trouble at the University of Florida for multiple academic cheating violations, and was subject to discipline that could have included expulsion from the University. According to these same sources, he had already transferred to Blinn College by the time Tebow made his announcement about returning for his last year of eligibility.

But after performing so well at Blinn, with none of these allegations known at the time, Cam Newton was heavily recruited by both Mississippi State and Auburn. The Auburn Tigers eventually got him to commit to their team, and the quarterback has been nothing short of sensational all season long, instantly transforming the team into the SEC front runner and a legitimate national championship contender. He has performed so well, in fact, while other early candidates has stumbled, that he is now thought of as the heavy favorite to win the Heisman if Auburn goes on to win the SEC Championship and gain an invitation to the BCS National Championship Game. Heisman voting is done before the bowl games, so the outcome of that game would have no effect on his candidacy.

Rumors of Suspension

But this situation with his school could affect him greatly. A separate and much larger controversy has emerged which says that Cam Newton and his father Cecil tried to parlay the younger's recruitment by Mississippi State and Auburn into a payday. The exact amount numbered in the hundreds of thousands, enough for him not have to worry about high performance car insurance for awhile at least. According to multiple reports filed, Cam Newton demanded more than just a scholarship for his services at whatever school he chose. This allegation came from a Mississippi State recruiter who had contact with him during the recruitment process. It is entirely possible that these allegations amount to sour grapes from the team that lost out on this wondrous talent.

But it could also be legitimate. The internet in the days leading up to Auburn's big game against SEC rival Georgia last weekend was full of rumors that Cam Newton would be suspended at least for that game. But as of noontime Saturday no such official action had been taken. The Cam Newton story continues to develop and so far there has been very little in the way of solid information or credible evidence, only allegations and hearsay. It is unclear at this time how this all will affect the great season being enjoyed by Cam Newton.


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