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Can all members of a household be on one car insurance policy?

If you have multiple drivers in your household, you may wonder if it is possible to include them all on one policy. The answer to this question is yes. It is absolutely possible for a motorist's household to purchase an insurance policy that includes coverage for all of them and the shared vehicles together. Purchasing an insurance policy together can be beneficial to all of you. Many insurance providers offer discounts to consumers for multiple cars and sharing one another's vehicles. Most often, each vehicle in a household will be registered to a different driver. For example, one vehicle may be registered to the father, another registered to a mother, and still another vehicle may be registered to an adolescent driver. However, this should not impose an impediment to you. Each company that offers car insurance has its own regulations and procedures regarding the carrying of multiple vehicles on one policy, so it would be beneficial for you to inquire of your insurance provider what their rules may be.  

There is one potential downside to insuring multiple vehicles on one policy. If there are multiple vehicles being insured at once, the premiums for all vehicles must paid each month in one lump sum. You cannot receive individual bills for each car. If multiple motorists are dividing the cost of the policy amongst themselves, they will have to coordinate when and where they receive the funds from each party. If the total amount of the sum due is not available to you, you cannot make a partial payment. It must all be paid at once. If one driver does not pay their portion, the other drivers must compensate for the lost account or else they can run the risk of having their policy cancelled due to lack of payment.  

If you elect to place all of the members of your household on one policy, you must bear in mind the driver's license record of each member. If one person has accumulated multiple tickets or has been involved in a collision before, it can collectively cause premiums to rise for the whole group. If this is the case, then it might be more prudent to have this person purchase their own separate policy. Similarly, if one member of your household is ticketed or is involved in an accident, it can cause the group's rates to rise as a whole.  

The decision on how to purchase car insurance for your household is entirely at your discretion. A price comparison website can assist you in selecting an insurance provider that will meet your needs. You can receive a quote on your car insurance online. By doing so, you can compare multiple rates from multiple providers for one policy. You can investigate as many or as few companies as you choose. Furthermore, if you elect to purchase your policy online, you can obtain proof of coverage immediately. The process is quick and free, and it can be a great way to save money for you and your household. 



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