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Can I buy vehicle insurance without a license?

Although auto insurance is typically needed when a person has a valid driver's license, it still may be necessary when a person has no license at all. If you park your car on the street and a tree falls on it, you'll need to have auto insurance to cover the cost of damages, regardless of whether or not you can drive the vehicle. Essentially any vehicle you hold should have some form of coverage on it, just as a precautionary feature. There is always a risk of vandalism, especially in poor neighborhoods, and lack of insurance can lead to a large sum of money that you may not be able to come up with when the time arrives. If you live in an area where crime is at a particularly high level, it may be advantageous to purchase car insurance, regardless of the state of your license. You may be required by your state to have that insurance anyways, especially if you are financing a vehicle. Check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles to find out what the exact laws may be in your area.

The policies an insurance provider follows in issuing automobile insurance to its consumers vary from company to company. However, most insurance companies on the market will offer insurance to a driver who does not possess a license. When you are filling out information pertaining to insurance quotes, you may be asked how many years you have possessed your license. You should answer "none" or "0" in the applicable space. Most companies are willing to insure motorists who do not have a state issued driver's license or who may have a license from a different country, like Mexico or Great Britain. You may be asked how many years worth of driving experience in your native country you have.  

Certain insurance providers are quite capable of offering affordable rates to those who do not have a license. Regardless of whether you are seeking liability insurance or full coverage, you can have your vehicle insured. Insurance companies are not going to punish you for a lack of a license. They are just there to make sure you stay protected. Many insurance companies offer a 1-800 number to call if you would like to speak to an agent regarding any questions. You can also find out a lot of information if you go online to comparison shop.

Many consumers believe that if you do not possess a license, your insurance premiums will be extraordinarily expensive. There are providers who will charge additional fees to an applicant who does not have a license; however, the rates will not usually differ from those who do have a license. You should get a fair rate every time. By obtaining quotes for the rates regarding your desired policy, you should use price comparison techniques to shop around. By purchasing your coverage online, you can receive instant proof of your insurance within a few moments' time.



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